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How this man lost 70 pounds and carved a Midlife six pack

Mike Parry's damascene moment came when his daughter asked him for a football and tennis racket for Christmas, and he remembered that he was in no condition to kick or hit a ball. Until then, the 47-year-old hadn't thought much about his health.

“Despite the fact that I was approaching my late forties, I had no thought of being concerned. It just wasn't something I was particularly interested in, and there was no reason to take the time, ”he says. Every morning he went straight to his desk job and skipped breakfast. His evenings were taken up by customer appointments or a decompressing drink in the pub.

Major lifestyle revisions, however, are rarely easy. Knowing that he couldn't do it alone, Mike signed up with a personal trainer at the Ultimate Performance Gym in Manchester. “It was nine miles away and everyone said I was crazy to go there every day. After not going to a gym for over 20 years, I was also worried about whether I would fit at all, whether it was something I could actually do, whether I would be embarrassed. It was pretty much a new world for me. “

Parry also treated existing injuries to the elbows and shoulders, so his training had to be appropriate. "There was always something that the trainers could come up with so that I could do exercises in a certain way without affecting existing or historical injuries."

The most important changes to his diet and routine were difficult in the first few days. "I was on a low-carb diet initially and felt a little tired, which seems to be common," he says. “But within a week I felt more awake and less sluggish. I was much more active and actually slept seven to eight hours a night. "

Now, more than 70 pounds lighter, he still finds his transformation a bit confusing:" You often see these before and after pictures on social media and you think, "Yes, OK." I didn't think that one day it could be me I just wanted to be in a position where I could do sports with my daughter. "His self-confidence has also improved enormously:" I can buy clothes that suit me, that also look good and that allow me to go out in places and make contacts that I would not have gone to before. "

As for his daughter's verdict? "She said how incredibly proud she was … and that I should go on no matter what."

Try the training yourself

Parry trained three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In order to recover faster between sessions and further improve his cardiovascular system, he had to walk 10 km between sessions. Here are some of his super sets from coach Anthony Paulhe.

1A: Static Lung x10
Parry started with 10 repetitions, built up to 15 and finally added weights when he was familiar with the movement

1B: Diverging series x10 [19659011] lunges were paired with 10 repetitions of this posture-improving back exercise. After 10 repetitions, you will return to the lunge for a total of three rounds.

2A: Hack Squat x10

Hold down for a second to strengthen your glutes and quads in the weakest position from the exercise.

2B: DB Shoulder Press x10
By switching between the upper and lower body, both parts of the body get more rest for a better execution quality. Do three rounds.

3A: Prowler Push
The Prowler is a valuable exercise that requires little skill and technique. Load back and forth across the entire length of your gym.

3B: The plank
The plank not only builds up nuclear power, but also teaches the correct positioning of the hip and shoulder. Repeat this process for three or five laps if you are fit enough.

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