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How this guy reworked his diet to lose 60 pounds and be shredded

• When Maneet Dharia approached his thirties, he noticed that his weight increased in part due to his diet and social life.
• Dharia hired a trainer to work out a healthier diet plan and a simple exercise routine that would hit multiple muscle groups in a given week.
• Thanks to these simple changes, Dharia has now lost nearly 60 pounds and is healthier and fitter than ever.

It was not that Maneet Dharia never tried to be healthy. When he was younger, 32-year-old Dharia, who works as a dentist in Los Angeles, could easily lose weight while packing his social calendar full of meals and social drinks without thinking about it. But as he approached his thirties, things began to change, just as most people do. The dinner and drinks started to add up, and when Dharia finally shed nearly 200 pounds on his 5 "1

0" frame, he realized it was time to take his long-term fitness goals seriously. [19659003] "I was a bigger guy who wanted to be in shape like a fitness model – and above all, I wanted to be healthy," says Dharia, saying in the past Dharia would usually train without a single goal and spend often all his time at The Elliptical Gym, but his knowledge gap in the gym was not the only problem.

"I have not adequately limited myself socially and dietarily," says Dharia, for example, he would hardly ever say no to friends, "I would eat what I thought was healthy without measuring the amounts or thinking about macros and micronutrients." Even at work, Dharia had a hard time – Much of his day was spent sitting next to patients and commuting from one office to another. Dharia knew he wanted to change, but he was an I am also aware enough to know that he can not do it alone. So he sought the help of a personal trainer, Akash Vaghela, who works with the online Body Transformation Company RNT Fitness. Vaghela slowly released Dharia while let him run only . He made Dharia pay closer attention to his diet to include a balanced blend of fat, protein and carbohydrates .

"It's shocking how inaccurate our estimates can be." Then they looked at Dharia's training routine – knowing that it was time to talk about the "I now have a comprehensive exercise plan that I follow and that hits the most muscle groups several times a week," he says. "I focus on large muscle groups and ultimately hit the smaller muscles."

Dharia writes that Most of his success was due to the simple fact that he began to move more throughout the day by walking and avoiding sitting at work. "This simple lifestyle change has reduced the need for more formal cardio training, though I still did HIIT workouts a few times a month, "he says.

On the way, Dharia also took pictures of his changing body In this way, he could easily see the changes he made in real time, even if the numbers on the scale did not move. Within months of checking his meals, he dropped his weight to over 135 pounds.

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However, Dharia says that not only has the weight changed: "I set higher expectations and standards," he says. "Many of the concepts that I have learned during my transformation have been transferred to other aspects of My Life – Responsibility, Tracking, Discipline, Consistency – I feel much more energetic and now I'm convinced that I have what it takes to do things reach those who seem impossible to me. "

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