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How men over 40 can make the most of training and muscle building

So I became an expert in building muscle when you are over 40 years old: I was 40 years old.

I began to pay more attention to the many dishonest ways that fitness in general and especially weight training on men and men sells women over 40. It begins with the generalization that all over 40 are in the same state and have the same goals ,

At one extreme, bullshit claims are that "age is just a number". This amount promotes powerlifting and crossfit and obstacle racing to people who could seriously injure themselves if they jump into it with no solid base of muscular fitness.

Those at the other extreme assume that everyone over 40 is a mess; that they are either out of shape or collapsed; that they are not interested in building muscle, increasing strength or just looking good in the mirror; They are so time-consuming that every half-hour of training has to cover every aspect of fitness ̵

1; strength, heart and flexibility.

Let's start with a look at what is real and what is not, and how you can use a program like Men's Health Muscle After 40 for your own body.

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The facts about training after 40

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  1. Sarcopenia is real, you will lose muscle as you get older, but how much you lose, and when you start losing it, you are very much under your control Sarcopenia is about building as much muscle as possible and working on it every day.The best time to start building this muscle is "a long time ago." If "before now" is not an option, let's start now "Now".
  2. Your connective tissue has already begun to lose some of its elasticity means your joints will be less mobile, so your movement decisions are crucial, the wrong ones can damage the joints, which … [19659014] There are no minor injuries that you can fall back on or work through. Days that clench your teeth and fight pain and pain are behind you.
  3. Even without injuries, your ability to work decreases and your ability to recover from your work. Those of us middle aged easy I can not go with you each time we go to the gym and expect to recover like we did 10 or 20 years ago. It makes much more sense to exercise more often, but less damage to your muscles and joints. The workouts we do are only as good as our ability to recover from them. No rest, no benefit.
  4. Consistency exceeds intensity. If you are new to lifting, you can not expect to progress with each individual workout. This allows you to lift more weight or lift the same weight for more repetitions or to grind through a higher volume of sets and repetitions. Imagine this as your job: Mostly you just try to get through the day without falling back. Same with your workouts. As long as you show up and work out, this is a win.
    1. What works for men over 40

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      Your trip to 40 does not belong to me and mine is not. But one thing I've learned from training clients over 40 – and I have meanwhile some are training – saying that we can all work on the same principles – I call it intelligent bodybuilding.

      I've been doing bodybuilding for a quarter of a century and I can testify that there are some cartoon characters besides
      a very thoughtful person Bodybuilding is also the only training system you can practice for life, with the potential for improvement in old age Most athletes have given up on it, they will not find a powerlifter that started at 15 and reached its peak at 40 or higher But you will find many bodybuilders who fulfill this description.

      These are the basics of an intelligent bodybuilding program: [19659025] Basic Movement Patterns

        Each week do at least one exercise in these categories: [19659027] Horizontal Push (Pushups, Bench Press, Fly)

      1. Horizontal Pull (Series)
      2. Vertical Push (Overhead Press) [19589014] Vertical Pull (Chinup, Pull Up, Lat Pulldown)
      3. Squat (Squats, Lunge, Leg Press)
      4. Hinge (deadlift, rearward stretch)
        1. All Joint Actions

          The muscles of your shoulder girdle – chest, deltoid, lats, traps – all have multiple tasks. For example, your chest muscle does more than just move away from the chest (a movement called shoulder flexion).

          It also pulls your arms to the midline of your body (adduction), turns your upper arms inward (internal rotation) and even pulls them to your sides (extension). Different parts of the muscle handle different movements at different angles, which means you need more in your exercise program than pushups and bench presses.

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          Compound and Isolation Exercises

          Everyone agrees that a good exercise regimen should be in conjunction with multi-joint exercises built like squats, lungees, deadlifts, presses and rows and use most of the muscles in motion patterns that reflect real activities like running, jumping, lifting, climbing, pushing and pulling movements like curling, pressing, flies and side elevations are also important I think Older lifters should do more isolation work:

          Unlike compound movements, they do not consume much energy, which means you can work harder and recover faster, and isolation exercises are perfect for times when you need a few sets of energy

          They allow a deep connection of mind and muscle, meaning you k You can go into the muscle and feel how hard it works – something you can not do with squats or bench presses. Used intelligently, they support vulnerable joints with minimal risk of injury.

          Intelligently filed secure vulnerable joints with minimal risk of injury.

          Medium loads and medium repair areas

            Fit the male body with a medicine ball to the gym

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          I know it's a thrill when you see how your maximum number of reps is charged with a boastful exercise such as bench press or deadlift. I've experienced it like every lifelong swarm has. If you are over 40 years old, there is too much risk for basically no reward for improving your body.

          In this program you never do less than 6 repetitions per set. Most work will be done. I will be in the range of 8 to 15 reps, but sometimes it will even go up to 25. In these areas you will achieve better muscle growth with less risk to your joints and easier recovery.

          • How will you know you are making progress? Some possibilities:
          • More weight for all sets within the same rep range
          • More repetitions in higher repetitions
          • Better technique, including a better connection between mind and muscle
          • A better pump or just an overall better well being Leaving the gym after a workout
          • A better pace with less downtime between sets and exercises, so you can finish the workout faster without skipping any parts of it.

            Smart Exercise Choices

              19659034] It's fashionable to say today that there are no bad exercises. However, if you are over 40 years old you should avoid many exercises:

              • Ballistic exercises (tipping pullups, CrossFit braces, olympic lifts, especially at high repetitions or heavy loads, box jumps and plyometrics) [19659014] Lifting your shoulders in mechanically risky positions (dips, presses and pulldowns around the neck, upright rows with a barbell)
              • Heavy dumbbell lifts, the increasingly older, less responsive muscles
                and joints (Barbell Squats )
              • Severe triceps extensions, as the healing of elbow injuries takes longer than expected

                That is, I do not want to be one of the internet gurus who say that every lifter When you do X, Y, and Z the minute you or he turns 40, it feels like every shoulder, hip, and disc has the same size rfallsdatum.

                  Barbell Press

                Men's Health

                Take, for example, the Barbell Shoulder Press. It's not just a good lift, it's a great lift … but only if you're good at it. Most lifters can not do this, and some may even find that they ultimately cause more permanent joint pain than it's worth.

                For almost everyone who reads this, it is much better to use the dumbbell shoulder press and the other overhead lifters in their program.

                Would you like to know more? Read the guide Men's Health Muscle After 40 to find out.

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