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How long to grill hot dogs

Every time you cook a hot dog, a hair-cut meat packer sheds a tear. Save the poor soul from the agony and cook your hot dogs in the right way: with a barbecue.

Chef Joseph Rizza, the head chef of Prime & Provisions, knows how to grill meat, including hot dogs. Follow his advice. Enjoy hot dogs like never before.

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1) Thaw your hot dog thoroughly.

Always make sure that the protein you want to cook has room temperature, before you hit the heat. "You should never cook something frozen, you should always thaw your food in the fridge overnight and then let it sit on the grill before putting it on room temperature," he says. This way they cook evenly. And why are you freezing your hotdogs at all? These things stay in the fridge forever.

What is the healthiest hotdog? Here are the healthiest hot dogs.

2) Use a properly preheated charcoal grill.

Do you use a gas or charcoal grill? Rizzas predilection is the latter. "The Charcoal This method gives grilled food so much more flavor. "

If you use charcoal, use a fireplace starter.

  Choose charcoal.

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When are the coals? "They're all ashed, they spread the charcoal flat with a long pair of pliers and put the top grate back in. Let it heat up for a few minutes and then start to grill," says Rizza.

If you cook only a few hot dogs, put the coals on one side of the grill for the best cooking performance Boil a whole bunch, evenly distribute the charcoal and consider shaking again if you need them.

Do you use a gas grill? Well. Heat it to the highest possible temperature and then shortly before placing the dogs on the grill and setting them on medium heat, he says.

2.5) But how do you grill hot dogs without a grill?

Oh, boy, do you have a hob on If so, place a cast-iron grill pan or a regular old cast-iron pan on this burner and preheat this pan to a medium value. Add no oil the same sign effect that you would otherwise reap from the grill.

3) Make some slits in your dogs before throwing them on the grill.

"Make sure you make about four to five small slits with a paring knife on your hot dogs before you put them on the grill. That prevents them from shrinking, "says Rizza.

Do not split the hot dog in half. "Many places do this to cook faster. I do not recommend it because it only dries out the hot dogs, "he says.

4) Make sure it is evenly carbonized.

Developing grill spots on one side of a hotdog takes about 2 to 3 minutes. Once this is done, turn it over and try again. Then it is cooked. If you spend more than six minutes cooking a hot dog, there is something left that tastes like an exploding cracker.

"The amount of char is a matter of preference, but I would suggest not to go overboard. Make sure there is an even amount around, "he says. "A good way to tell if a hot dog is hot is when it's clunky and you can see the natural juices coming out of it. At this point they are done. "

An important note: if you cook grass-fed beef sauces, these pooches will have less fat, which means they will have less protection against the heat of the flame. Cook grass-fed hot dogs about one minute less per side to prevent the dreaded dog from drying out.

5) Add butter.

Rizza recommends using only a swab of melted butter (he prefers garlic butter) to distribute your hot dogs just before removing them from the grill. "After buttering the dogs, do the same with your hot dog buns and put them on the high grill of your grill for about 20 seconds to warm them up," he says. Because nobody likes cold bread.

6) Carefully select the pads.

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<p class= Born and raised in Chicago, Rizza has a loyalty to the traditional Chicago style hot dog:" mustard, white onion, sweet gherkin delight , Sports peppers, tomatoes, gherkin spear and celery salt. It may seem like a lot, but if you've never had a Chicago style hot dog, you're missing it, "he says.

I'm not your thing, or there are just too many ingredients stacked on top of each other Just add mustard to your dog. The smokiness of the dog gives enough flavor and the mustard compensates for this perfectly. You should also try these great hot dog recipes.

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