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How Jon Bernthal got into shape for "The Punisher" on Netflix

Jon Bernthal is the type of actor who transforms himself for a part and goes to great lengths to build his background story and, of course, his body for the role. This is a man who not only appears punctual but also designs his life to be physically and mentally in the right place.

Since his most famous role as Shane in The Walking Dead ended (as in the hit AMC show), he has worked on it The Wolf of Wall Street with Leo DiCaprio, Fury with Brad Pitt, Sicario with Benicio del Toro, The Accountant with Ben Affleck, and many more come down the pipeline. Next, he will star in The Escape a short film directed by Neil Blomkamp by BMW Films, in which Bernthal juxtaposes Clive Owen. "There was no question that I would find time to do so because I'm such a fan of the show," says Bernthal.

Now Bernthal has another project in the funnel: a standalone series for the Punisher, the tactically inclined Marvel character who appears in Netflix Daredevil in search of revenge. "I am very grateful that I can play this role," says Bernthal. "It's an absolute dream to work with people like Charlie Cox and Vincent D & # 39; Onofrio."

But despite his unbelievable workload and family responsibilities, Bernthal never lets his routine out of workouts usually done with his Punisher stunt double Eric Linden. Bernthal spoke before the first season with the Men's Journal, and now Season 2 comes from The Punisher .

Here's a look at Punisher Season 2 by Netflix:

Between the settings for season 1 of the new Netflix series in Brooklyn, Bernthal, became a moment found Men's Journal to talk about discipline, his impressive training regime and intruding on the thoughts of The Punisher 's Frank Castle.

to speak the show is finally turning?

You know how it is. I care for that and the character wholeheartedly. I know how much it means to so many people. I really want to do it right. It's hard for me to really talk about it now because we're doing it right now. But I can tell you that we give everything. I just want to do it right. I hate to bark about things before there is anything. We will just give the best we can and every day is a fight for it. I really hope that we meet the fans.

  The Punisher, Netflix, Marvel Studios, Jon Bernthal
The Punisher, Netflix, Marvel Studios

What was it like working with people from the Marvel world?

You know, the first scene I played on television was actually with Vincent D & # 39; Onofrio on Law & Order . It was an absolute honor to work with him again and get to know him. He's the reason why I did that and wanted to participate in these shows. I think what he did with Daredevil's first season was the best character on TV that year.

Her figure in The Escape has almost as much firepower as Frank Castle. How did you fire a few laps on the set lately?

Get to know some new weapons systems. But it was a bit different because we filmed in Canada and there are no automatic weapons firing there. It was a completely different experience to get a weapon into a helicopter.

How did you enjoy learning the weapons? 19659004] Do you know … The Escape was part of the same team that worked on suicide squad and many of those who worked on Fury to have. This guy Kevin [Vance] was the [military consultant] on Fury . Ex-Navy SEAL … a national hero. He has been a team leader for years. It was incredible not only to teach him what he taught me, but also to share some feelings that are really secret, what it's like to go to war. Our relationship is one that I'm perhaps most proud of.

  The Punisher, Netflix, Marvel Studios, Jon Bernthal
The Punisher, Netflix, Marvel Studios

By the role of Frank Castle and as Grady Travis in Fury They have played a few military men , What was it like to work with our veterans and learn about their experiences?

The greatest honor in this role is to play someone who has fought for this country. The best thing I got from this job was to hang out with people from all sectors of the military working with me as technical advisors. It started as work, but now we are friends. If you know a veterinarian, you need to open your heart for her. If they give you the honor to open up to you, that is something valuable. If I have succeeded in presenting it correctly, then only through these people. I feel really privileged to have been in these talks.

Do you think you would like to make a Punisher movie as well?

That's a bit over my pay just now. I focus on where I am now. I have three little kids and my old lady is with them in Cali. I'm out here and doing the show and I have a movie to do afterwards. So my file is full of what I'm doing right now. The best and worst thing about this job is that you never know what's coming next.

What is your training program for Frank Castle now? I know that you have always been pretty disciplined.

It's all very comprehensive, man. I'm pretty tough. When you play a character like Frank Castle, it does not necessarily have to be about aesthetics, but it has to look a certain way. For me, training is more about getting stuck when it comes to fighting or battle scenes. I think it's important to be able to keep up with the character in many ways. I wanted to learn as much as possible. My stuntdouble Eric is just great. He does not want to come in and do it for me. He wants us to work as a team. Whether this is a ridiculously crazy training regimen, he wants to make sure I can.

How do you find it interesting?

It's important to mix it. We are constantly bringing in new people, whether martial artists or military. We want to be able to use different techniques. There is always something to learn.

Complete what a workout might look like for a day.

Oh man, it's a beast. Today we got up at 4 o'clock in the morning. Normally, we start with some strength, whether squats or bench presses, and five sets of three at maximum weight. There are many supersetting and bodybuilding exercises. Then we work a lot on MetCon [metabolic conditioning] doing as many rounds as possible and trying to make every move just right. As a rule, there are five or six full-body movements, such as pull-ups or cleanings. We'll do it for about 20 minutes. In the afternoon we will perform boxing or jiu-jitsu workouts between the scenes. I always want to box, but they really try to work my whole body as much as possible. In addition, learning the fights for the show or the weapons training is almost a completely different training. It probably works with three large, different training sessions per day. It's pretty gnarly.

Does it do the same thing you eat?

I'm pretty strict about what's going on in the body. It's also a bit of a thought for Frank's character. I do not want to feel like a big comfortable meal. I do not want to escape it by eating. It's not good for the figure or my body. It's about fuel, which brings me through the day. Only lean meat and vegetables. I think it's really easy. I accept the diet plan "Nothing". I would do anything for a pizza now.

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