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How is the reverse line executed?

The reverse row should be part of everyone's training program, but if you're someone who's struggling with pull-ups (which is just about anyone) or spending a lot of time doing press-ups or bench-presses, then you will certainly do appreciate the benefits.

The reverse row is an excellent all-round back exercise that balances the muscles used during chest exercises such as bench presses or pushes. It is also a pull exercise that uses your body weight but is not as challenging as a complete pull-up. It is therefore a useful step to this exercise.

Do not think that you only lift your body weight alone You will not build muscle. Researchers who measure muscle activation in three different back exercises ̵

1; the reverse row, the inverted row of the barbell, and the single-arm cable row – concluded that the strongest contractions in the upper back and lats came during the reverse row ] Journal of Force and Conditioning Research . It also produced the least amount of stress on the lumbar spine, so you can move back if you want to return from injury or quickly and safely add muscle mass.

If you master the reverse row, this will not only be the case You feel that your lats grow into a wondrous pair of wings over time, but also the smaller muscle groups that help you stabilize – like rhomboids , Middle cases and infraspinatus – all are also stimulated. The result is a larger, functionally strong back.

How is the reverse row executed?

The first step is to pick what you hang on and row to. At the gym, set up a Smith machine with a bar out of reach when lying on the floor. Alternatively, you can use TRX ropes (see the variations below) or fitness rings.

Outside the gym, you can often find a suitable parallel bar in your park or you can even use a bike rack if you've bought him your workout on the road. At home, it's possible to do inverse rows with a table, but it's really important to make sure that the table is stable and heavy enough for you to row without dragging it over. A better choice is a telescopic pull-up bar mounted in a doorway at the appropriate height.

When your pole is up, lie down underneath and grab it with both hands in an attack (palms facing away from you). , Tense your abs so that your body forms a straight line from your head to your heels. Pull yourself up until your chest touches the bar, then lower it slowly. If you're having trouble mastering your repetitions, move your feet closer to the counter and raise at a higher angle. Placing your feet flat on the floor and bending your knees will halve the resistance and make the row lighter.

Inverted Rows

Pose is the key, so it is important to avoid these three common mistakes: [19659002] 1. The Chin Jab: They aim to bring your chest to the counter, not push your chin on it and leave your body behind.

2. The Hip Sag: When you fall from the waist, your core is not in the full reverse row, so start with your legs bent and your legs flat.

3. The Hip Thrust: The goal is to keep the body straight and move the chest to the bar instead of firing off the hips as in Bruno Mars.

Inverted Row Variations

Inverted row with raised legs

Once you are familiar with the standard movement, you can raise your legs on a box or flat bench to gain extra freedom of movement. This works wonders in tapping hard-to-manipulate muscle fibers. Do you want to make it even harder? Support your heels on a Bosu ball – this recruits more stabilizing muscle fibers thanks to the unstable surface.

TRX Inverted Series

  TRX Training: Reverse Series "title =" TRX Training: Reverse Series "/> </div>
<p>  Using TRX ropes or other suspension trainers increase deployment because you are pulling against an unstable device This means that your core needs to work harder to stabilize your body, and most gyms now have TRX ropes or fitness rings that you can attach to a bar – just adjust the handles to fit them just be inaccessible when you're lying on the floor below them. </p>
<p>  Hold the handles forward with your palms and form a straight plank position if you just touch your heels Give your lower back more support by holding your core Do this as tightly as possible in front of a set Do this by supporting yourself as if you were being punched in the stomach Pull the chest up so that it is in line with your hands Keep your body straight and then deeper. [19659002] As with the standard inverted row, it's easier to move your feet closer to the handles, and moving them farther away or placing them on a raised surface or a Bosu ball makes it harder. </p>
<p>  Superset TRX TRX series with your feet in the grips (or with your hands in your hands to make it heavier) and you transform your torso. Take ten rows, rest for 30 seconds, then do ten push-ups and rest for 60 seconds and complete a total of three to five supersets. </p>
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