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How effective are air cleaners?

There is no doubt that the air we breathe is bad and very harmful to our health. The air quality decreases from day to day. It puts a strain on your health in many ways. Air pollution can increase the risk of various deadly diseases such as lung cancer, recovery problems, severe asthma patients, and so on. You may be trying to protect yourself like a mask while walking through a dusty road. However, it is known that the indoor air quality is just as bad as the air outside. When it comes to purifying the air at home, air purifiers seem to be the best solution to this problem. But are they really effective? You may have many such questions before you buy one. Here are some general truths about air purifiers that you should know before installing at home.

Dust is not completely prevented.

Most people believe that air purifiers will completely stop the dust and keep your house dust free. However, they still find dust in various places, for example on the furniture surface and even in the air. If you are allergic to dust, air purifiers may not be the solution, but you will need to rely on cleaning and a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

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Air purifier does not protect completely

There are several places in your home where harmful substances can be hidden. Several activities during the day also contribute to the increase in indoor pollution. Sometimes uncleaned air can simply escape from the cleaner and stay in your home. There may be a slight difference in the quality of the air you breathe in the house, but you can not guarantee that the air is completely healthy and free from environmental pollution.

HEPA filters are not very effective

Most air purifiers feature HEPA filters, which are said to be more effective for air purification. An air purifier with HEPA filter, however, does not keep all pollutants away. So before you invest more in different filters, you need to think again and examine their effectiveness.

Air purifiers do not remove viruses and germs.

Air pollution brings with it a variety of viruses and germs that can damage you in various ways and cause serious allergies. Air purifiers can not freely convert the air virus and germs. You can reduce the levels of pollutants, but you can still be affected by viruses and germs in your home. You need to rely on other methods such as intensive cleaning to completely rid your home infection.

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Placement of air purifiers is important

Most people think that placing the air purifier near you will give better results. People often place air cleaners near their seating area, which is not appropriate. You must place the air purifier in a place that can cover the entire room. The air purification around your seat is not enough. Place the cleaner in such a way that the air in the entire room is cleaned. The speed of the air purifier is also important. Adjust the speed to the conditions outside and inside the house and check the filters of the air purifier regularly.

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