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How do treadmill calorie counters really work and are they exactly?

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While walking the treadmill, take a look away from the TV and look down to the calorie counter. Every treadmill has one, but do they work and if so, how accurate are they?

Well, they are not as accurate as they should be, says Amanda Basham, an iFit trainer who performs online fitness sessions with a NordicTrack treadmill. "There are definitely some inaccuracies," says Basham about much of today's calorie counter on treadmills. "The treadmills are based on calorie burning based on height and weight, but they have no effect on muscle mass. So, if two people of the same weight but different body fat percentage are walking at the same speed, they will say they burn the same amount of calories. "

Mass Mileage

And that's just not factually loud, Basham. "In reality, the person with less body fat would burn more calories because muscle mass needs more energy," she continues during her running workout. The problem is that not all treadmills query your weight, but use an automatic starting weight. In addition, the accuracy of the calorie counter of many treadmills continues to wear out as people cling to the handrails of the machine. (We're all guilty, are not we?)

Fit to Burn

Basham identifies another major issue in treadmill calorie counters, saying he does not consider a person's fitness level. "Someone who is more fit will burn less because his body is more efficient," she says. "However, muscle mass comes back into play and the more fit person may have more muscle mass."

If you are looking for a more accurate calorie-consumption calculation, Basham believes that this is the best way to wear a heart rate monitor.

"This is still not 1

00% accurate," she says, "but it's the most accurate."


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