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How do I write a crush?

Not so long ago, women judged men by civilized criteria, such as the height of their herd of seagull hair, or whether they paid popcorn at the drama. Now we have SMS. SMS introduced a set of rules that are subtle yet set the tone for your budding relationship: "Hahaha" is encouraging, but "haha" is dismissive. If you end a text with an ellipse, you are confused ("I'm pulling I do not know what I want …"), but ending a text with two ellipses means you're horny ("Me do not know what I want …… "). It is exhausting.

The rules for sending three texts in a row are particularly complicated. Some people see triple-texting as the third rail of flirting: as soon as you send three unanswered texts in a row, these naysayers are not over. I think triple-texting can be cute. But especially in the early stages of dating, you should understand the spectrum of triplets presented below before using one.

Never okay: please respond to the triple text

There is a time when a psycho, if you have not been in contact for a while, and you decide to do anything with a multi-text To dispute the dispute over PEOPLE who do not react in time to TEXTS. These text breakdowns are often followed by a variation of "please answer". We were all trying to send such lyrics: If you suspect that you are ghostly ̵

1; or if you are just looking for a bad correspondent – then it becomes more difficult to relax and take no action. But be quiet, you have to. Nobody ever got three romances about how they should be thought of as ASHAMED for such a TEASE and thought, "Huh, the guy really showed me himself. Better answer. "But they took these lyrics and sent them captions to all their friends:" If I'm killed soon, it was that guy. "

Rarely alright: The" Where did you disappear? "Triple Text

If you sent her a text a few days ago that she no longer heard and you sent another text yesterday and did not hear any more, do not send a third text today. Any text you send from that point on will feel bothered. The Best Dating Advice Anyone Has Ever Given Comes from Justin Long in He just is not involved with you: "The rule is: If a man does not call you, he does not want to call you. "It also applies to women. She did not get sick, her grandmother did not die, she did not lose her cell phone and she has not forgotten you. (If she has forgotten you, you should stop anyway.) You can still come back from two unsolicited texts. Maybe the lyrics on the street will stop and think, "Huh, the guy seemed nice and interested, but not in an eerie, desperate way. Maybe I'll send him a text message and see what happens. "But you can not come back from three unsolicited texts.

  Midsection of the Man with the Cell Phone

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Sometimes Okay, Always Annoying: The Player Triple Text

Ban the language conventions of the player That's why I sometimes get a text string that looks like this: "hi" / "what's going on" / "in your neighborhood." Although they're not offensive, these lyrics do not make any sense per se casual and distant, they make you look like you could not even take the time to write a correct text with the correct punctuation.

Normally OK: The Banter Triple Text

If you really have one solid relationship with someone you're with, and be sure to send three lyrics in a row Send five lyrics in a row as they make the text laugh The Joke Burnout: It's all fun and games until you get lost in your "bit", fire off multi-text jokes, and I'm bored of being your listeners. (Again: "hahaha" means "go", "haha" means "stop".)

Always Okay: The Correction Tri-Text

Sending a third text to correct a typing error in a previous text is acceptable. The shame of an uncorrected typing always outweighs the shame of a threefold text.

Always Adorable: The Flirty Sexy Haiku Triple Text

If you're text flirting,

If you're not sure what to send

Send a cute haiku.

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