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How do I do the hip stroke?

The best body weight exercise you can do to make stronger glutes is the Glute Bridge, and it follows, of course, that the best weighted exercise you can do for them involves a similar hip stroke.

That's more or less The hip joint is a buttock bridge with weights, though you've also raised your shoulders. The subtleties of technology are more important when it comes to heavy weights. Therefore, do not skip the full explanation of the following exercise.

You want all the information about the hip joint, because you should do it easily Do the exercise not only benefits the glutes, but the movement also recruits the thigh muscles and the quad muscles, and it gets in addition to strength the speed and power in the legs increased. After you have included it in your normal routine for a few weeks, you will see the benefits of doing squats or deadlifts. In short, no lower body training plan is complete without the hips.

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Sit down on the ground with a bench behind You bend your knees so that your feet are on the ground and holding a dumbbell under your hips, if you have a padded pole or anything that you can push between the pole and your body, this is a long way the exercise is more comfortable.

Lean back, so that your shoulders on the Lie down with your hip up to raise the bar, in the up position your knees should be tilted by 90 ° and your shoulders should be at the top of the bench Your body forms a straight line between them, stop at the top of the lift and squeeze your glutes, then slowly lower your hips.

It's worth trying moving without any weight Sure, you feel the exercise mainly in the glutes, rather than in the thighs or lower back.

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