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How can gyms be safely reopened during a coronavirus pandemic? That's what health experts say

Gyms and gyms were closed in March because of the new corona virus. But now some states are trying to relax guidelines, which raises the question: how can gyms be reopened safely?

In the US guidelines for the reopening of America, reissued in mid-April, gyms – along with cinemas, houses of worship, and seated dining – are listed as part of the first phase of the three-part reopening plan, provided that they have "strict protocols." to maintain physical distance and hygiene ”in order to function. There was no set time for these phases to begin. Rather, it is up to the states and local officials. They will use criteria such as a 14-day downward trend in COVID-1

9 cases, the availability of hospitals and the question of whether “robust” tests are available for vulnerable workers in their region to determine whether they have achieved them or not Phase benchmarks.

Following the publication of these guidelines, some states have pushed ahead with plans to reopen gyms. Georgia allowed gyms and gyms to reopen on April 24 as long as they followed social distance and hygiene practices. Other states such as Arkansas, Oklahoma and Wyoming soon followed. Texas will be next: They allow their gyms to reopen on May 18 – with a 25 percent capacity and with other regulations related to hand hygiene, employee health care, and social distance requirements.

The picture is less clear for gyms in other areas, particularly in hard-hit states like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

However, it is obvious that gyms that are reopening across the country look very different than they did. It only happened a few months ago.

"Gyms need to come up with a solid plan on how to protect their customers," said Amesh Adalja, MD, a senior scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security and Infectious Disease Experts, says SELF.

And it will probably be "different for the foreseeable future until we have a clear drug or vaccine available," says Dr. Waleed Javaid, director of infection prevention and control at Mount Sinai Downtown in New York.

But what exactly would have to be done so that gyms can be safely reopened during the new coronavirus pandemic? As with many questions with the new corona virus, there is unfortunately no clear answer. There are many gray areas, says Dr. Adalja.

When your gym reopens, should you return immediately?

Here's the bottom line: It will all collapse to your personal risk preference and the risk you want to take to get back into the gym, says Dr. Adalja.

In the era of the new corona virus, go to any public place (including gyms) are not risk-free. And that's something you have to agree to if you choose to return.

The best thing you can do is two things: keep up to date with what your gym is doing – ask for specific actions, your gym is up and running, and see how they match the advice from the experts below – and ask yourself how much risk you can take.

And like Dr. Javaid said you also need to weigh your reasons. Go to the gym to see if the benefits of walking outweigh the possibility of getting sick (or spreading the virus to others).

"Is it necessary, is it important, is it worth the risk?" He says.

Also know that science about the new corona virus is constantly changing and new discoveries could affect previous recommendations – and security policies will be introduced. For example, the official recommendation for social distancing uses 6 feet as a benchmark, but some recent research suggests that transmission can take place at greater distances. (A study in Emerging Infectious Diseases even suggested that hospital transmission can be up to 13 feet away.)

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