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How a man lost 130 pounds and now trains others

My story sounds familiar. I started like so many others. I've been a big guy all my life. The day I started my fitness journey, I was 23 years old and honestly could not remember a time when I was not tall. Heck, the smallest jeans I owned had a waistline of 36 "- which did not fit and not since the eighth grade – but that was my reality and I had accepted it, or better, I was resigned to my fate. 19659002] Efforts to follow … did not.

During my adult life, I tried and failed several times to lose weight, nothing really got stuck, there were so many factors that I could attribute to my lack of progress. For example, there was little knowledge and guidance on health and fitness, which was an unstable foundation I could hope for, then there was my general laziness and constant postponement of what I really wanted, and of course there was the ubiquitous feeling the discomfort, inadequacy, and embarrassment I felt when I entered a gym, which resulted in me not being motivated at all But it's a funny thing.

One day I learned that motivation is not the same as doing something or doing something . Motivation is not "I want to lose weight." It is what drives that feeling and your actual action. Motivation is different for everyone. For me it was a deep, powerful inability to stay like I was for another moment. One day ̵

1; at work – I slipped through the insides of another pair of pants because my thighs rubbed while running and grabbed something. I just could not be like this – overweight, unhappy in my own skin, uncomfortable and embarrassed with myself. I had to do something.

And that's how it started.

My wife (my girlfriend at the time) and I started training together. We started at home, in the basement or in the guest room, with one of those workout DVDs I borrowed from a friend. At the time I was too embarrassed, intimidated and overwhelmed to go to a gym. So we did it alone. We had each other, and we made it, but I look back and realize how we made it difficult for ourselves. Why did not we ask for help? One year later, I found myself 130 pounds. lighter, more confident and comfortable in my body, and I even became a runner! So the work was worth it. But I learned a lot along the way.

What did we do? What can you do?

We did strength training, high intensity interval training, we ran and we even did yoga. A balance of all these things kept things interesting and helped to support our success. We used dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and even body weight to boost our training.

It was not just workouts. The other key component was nutrition. Not only did we completely change what we ate, but also how we thought about food. Food became a fuel source, no way to pass time or deal with emotions. We've cut out things like soda, dropped off on less good choices, and focused on healthy whole foods. We did not do a 30, 60 or 90 day challenge or diet. We made small, progressive lifestyle changes. And ultimately we succeeded, and the weight has lasted much longer.

Life is very different today than on the first day.

As a result of my transformation, I found a new passion for fitness. I became a runner and used it as a power outlet to push myself to see how far I could go. I did not just complete marathons but ultramarathons. I even completed a 100-mile endurance run (yes, all in one shot – 29 hours)! I also discovered a newly discovered passion for helping others navigate their own health and fitness journey. Since I was there myself, I knew how difficult it could be. I think back to my own fitness journey and wish it was not that hard. All the work, the research, the trying out, the fighting – it was a lot . And I realized that it was not that hard. Not if we had reached more experienced people along the way. Now I share my story and even work as a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness to do just that. People often feel (or are) alone, but they do not have to be alone! If I can help ease the journey and answer a few questions for just one person, I know I've made my day and day.

You have to believe it.

There will be days when it feels too much, too hard, or altogether like an insurmountable challenge. Know in these moments that you can do it. I came out successfully on the other side and can tell you that you can win . Lean on your friends, your family, and a coach to lead you to victory. You will be there – on time, with work and faith.

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