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Horror films based on a true story

Horror films based on real stories

Child’s Play / The Conjuring / Screama

Halloween is coming up soon! And with lots of zombie, vampire and slasher films, there’s something for everyone until October 31st. But which category rises above all others? The films that are absolutely and undeniably scary? The scenes that shook us to the core for the coming nights? Simple: those that come straight from IRL events.

True horror films – those based on real events – remind us that the world we live in is sometimes dark and that humans are perhaps the scariest monsters of all. Whether they’re just loosely based on actual events or retelling the stories in full, we promise these films will make you tremble in your seat – and a little more careful about the creepy neighbors you have. Here are 21 horror films based on or inspired by real stories, from stories about cooling haunted houses to actual exorcisms.

The exorcist (1973)

Any teen can act like the devil from time to time, but probably nothing of the kind. in the The exorcistThe young daughter of an actress experiences strange changes in her appearance and personality. When these strange events take a disturbing and nasty turn, her mother worries that doctors are not the answer to her problem. (And yes, it’s inspired by a boy’s exorcism that took place in 1949.)

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The Connecticut Chase (2009)

After a family finds out their son has cancer, they move to a new home in Connecticut to be closer to their medical team. As they settle down, the history of the house begins to reveal itself and they learn the hard way that sometimes bad things happen to good people. The film is loosely inspired by a supposed haunted Connecticut family in the 80s.

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The city that feared the sunset (1976)

A violent killer with no apparent motive scares the life of a small town. Based on the 1946 murders by the “Phantom Killer” in Texarkana, Texas / Arkansas, in this film you will check the locks on your doors before you go to bed.

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The Snowtown Murders (2011)

Although this Australian film is called a crime thriller, it is downright terrifying. After his mother gets engaged to a new boyfriend, Jamie (Lucas Pittaway) gets the father figure he always wanted. But when his new role model shows its darker side, Jamie finds himself in a nightmare.

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Wolf Creek (2005)

What started as an exciting road trip turns bleak when a group of friends break down their car. With no choice but to accept the help of an unstable stranger, Australian teenagers struggle quickly to survive. The serial killer who inspired the film, Ivan Milat, died in prison just last year (October 27, 2019) after serving for more than 20 years.

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The Amityville Horror (2005)

When a family moves into a home with a murderous past, they are haunted by evil presences. In this remake of the 1979 original, you will experience the 28 days of unexplained horror that occurred in the village of the Long Island almost half a century ago.

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monster (2003)

When a Florida prostitute decides it’s time to bring her life together, she finally seems to be on the right track. After Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron) realizes that she lacks many skills to have a “normal” job, she resorts to a criminal lifestyle. How far will it go?

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My friend Dahmer (2017)

Get a glimpse into the early life of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in this truly disturbing film. When you look into his personal life, the grueling pieces of the puzzle collapse.

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The Observer (2016)

Do you ever feel like you have eyes A young couple buys their first home, but soon finds that someone is not happy they moved in and won’t stop until they’re gone. (Here is the terrible real story behind the origins of the house.)

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The exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

After an exorcism on young Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter), a priest is sent to prison for her murder. But when a lawyer takes up the case, they may have no choice but to believe the unbelievable. What really happened to Emily Rose?

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The incantation (2013)

The only thing scarier than having five daughters is living in a haunted house with them. The incantation (exists in a film universe of seven other true horror films) documents the Perron family’s struggle with demonic forces.

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fear (1983)

in the feara murderer is released after serving just a decade in prison for murder. But some people never change. With the urge to kill creeping back on him, he torments a family in a rural house.

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The quiet ones (2014)

Do you believe in ghosts? An Oxford University professor hires a team of his students to conduct experiments and conjure up the darkness out of Jane Harper, an obsessed young woman. Their ambition drives them over their heads and they face a relentless evil.

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The affected (2011)

In a household where their mother justifies unspeakable abuse with perverse religious beliefs, four siblings are stuck in a hell on earth. The affected based on the Theresa Knorr case from the 1980s. (Word to the wise: the trailer is not for the faint of heart.)

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Winchester (2018)

The Winchester house outside of San Francisco, California has hundreds of rooms and seven floors with no room for spooky. When vengeful beings are too closely noticed for their liking, Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren) sets out to build a prison to contain them forever.

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The girl next door (2007)

After two sisters are orphaned, they are taken to their aunt, who mistreats them as a discipline. Her son and other boys from the neighborhood participate in her hideous torture. (Trigger warning: sexual abuse.)

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The Haunted Sharon Tate (2019)

Pregnant actress Sharon Tate (Hilary Duff) finds herself in the middle of the cult of the Manson Family. With her husband out of the country, she and her baby are terrorized by the Manson family’s sick paths.

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Border area (2007)

This movie will make any college student rethink their plans for the spring break. When three friends are on their way to the Mexican border, they run into a group of satanic criminals looking for their next human victims. If one is kidnapped and detained by the criminals, the other two have a mission: to save him before he is killed. The story is loosely based on a religious cult leader from the 80s.

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Scream (1996)

Based on the Florida murders of the Gainesville Ripper (Daniel Rolling), Scream follows a murderer and his deadly game. At the end of this movie, you don’t trust anyone – not even your closest friends.

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The rite (2011)

Do you have to see to believe? Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donaghue), a seminary student, is advised to take an exorcism class to instill belief in Christianity. What he learns will stay with him forever.

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Child’s play (2019)

Inspired by a real doll named Robert, Child’s Play tells the story of a boy and his new toy: a doll with a brightly striped shirt, flaming red hair and a relentless desire to kill. Here is the remake from 2019.

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