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Home Workout: The only thing you'll ever need

If your burning fitness desire is to build a breast worthy of a 1980s cartoon character, it's natural to drift towards bench press, but in truth, it will take a lot more than that to sculpt the pop pecs you are looking for. Consider this as a starter: The main function of the pectoral muscles is to move the arms inward, which is not possible with a barbell. So if you just stay at the bench press, your chest stays short

A simple solution is to forget about the whole bank and do your chest workout at home. This kit, designed by strength and conditioning expert JC Santana, does not require a kit. It is all compressive and beats the muscles in the chest and arms from all directions to make sure every part of your upper body gets the training it deserves.

The training uses the optimal number of repetitions for muscle growth, and here are some really good news ̵

1; this number is not too high, so you can rattle through training in minutes. Probably as much as the minutes you normally spend waiting in the gym for a workout. Use this time-saving to your liking, but it would be a shame if you had not worked on your pec-dance.


  • Perform this training once or twice a week. [19659006] Remove it 48 hours from your normal workday or normal upper body workout.
  • All repeats from each step back (or with as little break as possible), two minutes rest, repeat, pause for two minutes and then repeat one last time.

The Workout


Reps 20

Start in a print position and lower yourself to one side. Most of the weight is on one shoulder. Push up and do the same on the other side. That's two repetitions.

Shuffle Press-Up

Reps 20

Get into a print position with one hand in front of your shoulder and one in the back. Lower yourself to the ground and push upwards. That's a representative. Jump or move your hands up to the opposite position, and then do the next repetition. Continue alternately.

Pressing with Diamond

Reps 10

For this triceps blaster, place your hands under your breast so that your forefingers and thumbs form a triangle, and lower yourself until your chest touches your hands. Press back to the beginning.

Gorilla Print

Reps 10

Start in a normal print position, lower yourself to the ground, and push it up quickly. Quickly hit the chest before putting your hands back in the starting position.

One-leg press

Reps 10

Lift one leg, hold the gluteal muscles tight and push up your hands. Change legs and repeat. That's two repetitions. Now do the rest.

More Home Workout Breast Movements

After a few weeks of this workout, add some variety by switching some of the movements with them. Even if it is just a slight variation in movement, it is always good to hit your muscles in different ways and from different angles to ensure maximum growth.

Offset printing upwards

Place on a stable surface in a pressure position with one hand. Keep your core engaged, bend your elbows to lower your chest, keep your elbows close to the sides, then push up to return to the beginning. Change hands at the end of the set and repeat the number of repetitions. Tense your abdominal muscles and squeeze your buttock muscles to keep your entire torso stable and to make the most of each repetition.

Spider-Man Print

How to start in a print position. Bend your weight on your arms and bend your elbows to lower your chest. Lower one knee in the direction of the elbow when lowering. Stop at the bottom, then push up and bring your leg back. Then repeat it with your other knee. Switch with each repetition. Build your core before each set by pulling your navel to tighten your abdominals and deep muscles. When you are fully engaged, your body remains stable and you can fully draw in your knee.

Divebomb Press-up

Start with a V-shaped body. Spread your core and lower your head and chest to your hands. Move your body forward in an arc as your head approaches the ground. Move your upper body forward until your head points forward and your chest is up. Raise your hips to return to the starting position. Do not bother with the repetitions, but focus on feeling the different muscles at work at each point of repetition to build a strong connection between mind and muscle that enhances muscle activation.

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