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Home exercise equipment that you can take with you on the go

Regardless of whether your journey is work or play, the struggle to maintain training routines while traveling is a problem. Between shabby hotel gyms (or no hotel gyms at all), arduous research for a local yoga class, and passing through safe running routes in a new city, the thought of training abroad can be exhausting.

The Good News That is, assuming you want to work, you can push into a sweat session in your Airbnb or hotel room without much logistical effort. These seven pieces of equipment can easily be thrown into your car or put in your carry-on luggage when you're on the move, no matter where your journey takes you.

Do not be fooled ̵

1; the sliders are pretty unremarkable, but they're there. Pack a real punch by training your stability and nuclear power during your body weight. This set is double-sided, so it's nice and slippery on hardwood as well as on carpeted floors. In addition, they are lightweight and flat and essentially require zero space at the bottom of your suitcase or carry-on bag. There are not many excuses, right?

($ 10; amazon.com)

If you want to keep up with your cardio routine while traveling, have a skipping rope ready. Just a 10-minute workout with a rope (like this one from Fitness Master) creates a calorie-burning cardio session that you can take with you almost anywhere. Unless, of course, there are wooden floors in your hotel room – then take it outside so you do not drive people under you bananas while jumping.

Jumping ropes is a killer workout, but it has a strong impact on your joints. Make sure you warm up and cool down to get the most out of your workout.

($ 10; amazon.com)

A flat and foldable mobility ladder (like this one from GHB Pro) is one of the simplest sports equipment you can find, just place it on the ground or in the grass and steer Your inner professional athlete. Yes, it's great to attack your lower body and improve your quick work. Most importantly, training on an agility ladder is basically like playing adult hopping, so it's really fun.

($ 12; amazon.com)

No access to a gym do you travel? Take a look at these portable double chain bells from Kamagon. They fill up with water or sand to weigh between 2 and 13 pounds, and drain for easy travel. Go to the beach with your kettlebell routine – unless you really want to relax on vacation.

($ 43; amazon.com)

For the box estate value of a chunky pullover, you can take your yoga practice wherever your journey takes you. This lightweight, foldable travel mat by Gaiam is ideal for all your horizontal training tasks. So next time you feel homesick for your favorite studio, take a look at a free yoga video and let it flow.

($ 20; amazon.com)

7. An endless list of apps and streaming programs

Last but certainly Last but not least, check out our favorite workout apps and streaming services. Some require little to no equipment and some are completely free, so you stay motivated. When you're away, it's never been easier.

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Nina Bahadur is a freelance writer, editor, and consultant based in NYC.

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