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Here’s what 30 days did to this man’s body with 100 pushups

Earlier this year, fitness and nutrition YouTuber Alex Garfeh challenged himself to do 50 pull-ups a day for a month and tracked his progress as he started seeing results in his arms and back. In his latest video, Garfeh set himself the task of doing 100 pushups for 30 days to see what effect this would have on the build-up of his chest.

“The push-up exercise is primarily aimed at your chest, shoulders, and triceps. I expect some improvement in these areas over the next 30 days,” he says. Garfeh not only does pushups with a standard grip, but also introduces some variations during the challenge to relieve pressure on his wrists and provide various muscle stimuli.

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During his pullup challenge, Garfeh had to go through an intense phase of muscular tension at the beginning, but his experience with the pushups is a bit better: “I’m pretty surprised; no pain in my arms, shoulders or chest,” he says on day 5. However, he admits that 100 daily repetitions with no rest day put a lot of strain on the front of the shoulders and advises exercising the back of the shoulders with a simple resistance band. Exercises to balance it.

At the beginning of the month, Garfeh had a maximum of 20 reps, but by the end of the 30 days, his stamina has improved to the point that he can do 31 pushups in good shape in a row before he needs a break.

“I am thrilled that I can do it faster, my endurance on the pushups has improved a lot,” he says. “I feel like a strength plateau because I did it every day without a day off … it’s more of a mental than a physical challenge, but don’t get me wrong, it’s still hard. If you are I will open it up definitely recommend, but not every day, take a day off in between. “

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“I definitely think I’ve made some progress in my chest area, my arms and shoulders don’t look much different to me, but I definitely see my chest is a little bigger,” he says. “But you can’t expect to see so much growth if you don’t let your muscles rest because that’s part of the struggle. You have to exercise and let your body recover.”

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