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Here's how Justin Theroux stays in shape

There is much to say when it comes to keeping things simple, especially when it comes to a workout routine. It can be tiring to buy the latest "essential" fitness gadget or register for each new class. For Men's Journal January cover star Justin Theroux means staying in shape, sticking to best practices: lifting, boxing, cycling and walking.

"It's a few times a week to lift weights," he said Men's Journal behind the scenes of our January cover shoot. If he does not raise, he will probably hit with a boxing routine that, as he adds, is good at keeping his reflexes and motor skills sharp. He will fit into both types of workouts during a typical week.

But, as we all know, fitness does not have to be, and should not be, limited to a gym. In addition to lifting and boxing, he enjoys driving in New York City, where he lives. If you are near Greenwich Village, look for Theroux. If you're lucky, you might see him driving around at his gold pace. For him, fitness is an event anytime, anywhere, whether it's training in the gym or just spending his day.

Learn about Theroux's fitness program in the video above and do not miss his profile in the January issue Men's Journal now available in the newsstand.

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