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Here is what 30 days with 30 pull-ups did to this man's body

After YouTuber Gunther Da Great completed a challenge of doing pushups every day for a month, he wanted to increase the difficulty. Therefore, he restored the challenge with pull-ups and set himself the task of doing 30 repetitions every day for 30 days.

Things go wrong almost immediately. After a successful first week of visiting the park every morning and doing the bodyweight exercises on the monkey bars, Gunther admits that he just stopped walking. Only when he made the challenge more accessible and inevitable by buying a pull-up bar could he have the willpower to commit to doing the 30 reps every day. "I lubricated the wheel, so to speak," he says. "I didn't have to go to the gym, I did it in my house."

In order to make the goal easier to reach, he breaks down the 30 pull-ups into sets and does them regularly throughout the day. "I feel like I'm doing an average of 1

2. 10 is when I'm getting tired," he says. "I usually just go until I'm really tired and I take a break and then I do another set."

Although he hasn't made any changes to his lifestyle or diet apart from daily body weight training, Gunther begins to see in the middle of the month that there are some visible changes. "One thing that strikes me is that I get this separation at its core," he says. "I haven't seen my abs since high school. My arms are getting bigger … my back is getting bulkier. I enjoy pull-ups, it feels like a general workout instead of just doing pushups. I feel like I am . " activate more of my core. "

He also notes that by improving his technique, he can also perform slower, more controlled movements." If I get better in these areas, I will slow down even more. "

Of course, doing the same can be repetitive Movements take a physical toll every day, and Gunther has to take a few days off to rest and recover after severe pain. "I had a really bad lump in my back. It could be that I only did pull-ups consistently, or that one day I was in bad shape doing pull-ups, "he says." One thing I focus on is when you do pull-ups, hurry up not yourself; there is a higher risk than doing pushups because your entire weight will be tossed around if you don't structure it or do it at a good pace. "

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"I think one of the most important things I liked about it is that it did a really good job training my core," he says at the end of the 30 days, and shows the results of an increased muscle mass include his biceps, back and shoulders, and visibly tighter abs. "When I pull up, I lift my body with it, which has helped me a lot. I think my body looks better overall than with pushups."

He also admits that the challenge was as big a mental one as it was physical. "I'm telling you it was really difficult," he says, "but it was good to break that barrier."

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