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Heart-opening yoga video of CorePower Yoga

Do you feel bitter, isolated or do you need a good general mood? With this heart-opening yoga flow, you direct your love and energy to your relationships by adjusting to your heart chakra. She was curated by Heather Peterson, Chief Yoga Officer of CorePower Yoga, and demonstrated here by Christie Klach, a CorePower instructor in New York City. (Pssst: CorePower is known for her epic weight-based Yoga Sculpt class.)

"These poses will enhance your ability to love your fellow human beings," says Peterson. "As you practice the posture in this order, you will relax the muscles that span your heart, soak in the softness and power you have built up in the exercise, and take with you what you have brought into your day. " (Add this guided, heart-opening meditation at the end for a special Zen day.)

In addition to all the inner well-being, this river also offers a chest to the chest, shoulders and hips (a stroke of luck for those sitting on) all day). Ready to flow? Follow with Klach above.

You need: A yoga mat or open space on a rug and two yoga blocks. (No blocks? Use a pillow or pillow instead.)

Stand in mountainous posture. Breathe in to stretch your arms over your head and exhale to swing forward at your hips, folding forward. Inhale to plant your hands outside your feet on the mat and step back into the high plank.

Dolphin Pose

Lower both elbows from the plank to the mat and press the palms of both hands down onto the mat. Slide your hips back and forth to find a downed dog on elbows. Microbending of the knees and rotation of the inner thighs to extend the lower back. Pull in the front ribs and extend the tailbone to extend the back. Stop for 3 to 5 breaths.

One-Leg Frog Posture

Go forward to low planks, legs and hips to the mat, and loosen your feet to assume the sphinx position. Bend your right knee and reach your right foot with your right hand. Pull the heel towards the right buttock while holding the right hip in the ground for a one-legged frog posture. (Optional: Step into the right foot to open the right side of the chest for a one-leg arch, as shown above). Hold for 3 to 5 breaths. Repeat this on the left side.

Camel Pose

Get up on both knees. Inhale and extend the spine. Then exhale to activate the core by pulling the front ribs down and the front hip points up. Place your palms with your fingers down on your lower back. Lift the chest, roll up the front of the shoulders, push the shins into the mat, pull the neck long, and tilt the head back slightly. Stop for 3 to 5 breaths.

Head-to-knee posture

Begin sitting and stretch your right leg about 45 degrees. Bend your left knee and fold your left foot into your right thigh. Turn the torso over the right leg and stretch forward to the shins, ankles or feet, with your fingers around the ball of your outstretched foot (if possible). Round spine and lower forehead toward the knee, bend the knee as much as necessary. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths.

Rotated Head-to-Knee Pose

Slowly roll up from head-to-knee posture to sit tall. Then pull the right hand or forearm to the inside of the right leg and twist the chest away from the extended leg. Reach the left arm above the head and reach for the outside of the right foot, ankle or tibia or hold it in the air forward. Extend the left side of the body and pull the left bone down to the root and extend the spine. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths. Repeat head to knee and rotated head to knee on the left side.

Supported Inclined Slope

Lie down slowly on the mat. Bend your knees to touch the soles of both feet and place one block under each knee. Put your hands on your heart and stomach. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths.

Sit up slowly and remove blocks. Take a block and place it at mid-height in line with your back and a high-altitude block where your head is located. Lean back on the blocks and open both arms with your palms facing up. (If you do not have blocks, you can use a pillow or pillow instead.) Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be in that pose for up to 5 minutes.

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