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Healthy eating challenges helped this guy lose 50 pounds and be torn to pieces

• Through years of unhealthy eating habits, Glen Shultz's weight rose to over 250 pounds.
• After hiring a nutritionist, Shultz made a series of simple nutritional changes based on two-week challenges.
• The result was a dramatic weight loss of 50 pounds, which caused Shultz to get fit and reveal six-pack abdominal muscles.

Not long after he was 56, Glen Shultz was overweight and faced a probable pre-diabetes diagnosis. He could not keep up with his teenagers, could not make contacts as he used to, and not move as he wished. He knew that the time for a change was long overdue. "In the past, many obstacles derailed me," he says. "I've never really stuck to a long-term vision."

Shultz's weight had steadily increased over the years, making it difficult to notice. Some of the usual culprits were guilty: he did not eat well enough and did not stay active ̵

1; and so the Libra sneaked up to 255 pounds.

In addition to everything else, Shultz was assigned to look after his parents – a process that forced him to deal with some hard truths. "I had some dark moments with my parents," he says. One day, when he was visiting a possible retirement home with his mother and father, he was struck by how different people were in their old age. "It's a very sobering experience to see the difference between people who are moving and people who are not moving," he says. "The conversation with my doctor was the cherry on top," he says. With the diagnosis in mind, Shultz made another appointment – this time with a nutrition expert from Precision Nutrition, an online consultancy that helps trainers eat healthier and safely lose weight.

The program required a one-year commitment, and when Shultz signed up, he joined a thriving community of about 300 other people across the country who were also trying to lose weight and get back into shape. Working with a nutrition and health trainer, Scott Quick, Shultz quickly identified some of the biggest obstacles to losing weight. Quick also worked with Shultz to develop a series of two-week challenges – small things like "drinking more water" and "time for meal preparation" that helped him develop healthier habits.

His training also required a slow transition: Shultz, a once-in-a-lifetime enthusiastic rower, began again with the crew of his ship. He combined these water sessions with Cycling to Work . Then he undertook longer walks on the weekends with his wife and two boys. He also started shooting tires with his kids. "It sounds easy, but these little challenges were a real revelation to me," he says.

As a result, Shultz developed a new appreciation for serving sizes and a better understanding of nutritional labeling. He quickly started to see results – and not just on the scale, even though he was steadily losing about five pounds a month. He also saw it in his habits, his desire, and his sense of self. "I am more lonely, but the group [aspect] has made me achieve more," he says. "It showed me that what was coming was not unusual."

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Month after month, Shultz continued to challenge himself and eventually reached his target weight of 185 pounds – a total loss of more than 50 pounds in total In fact, Transformation turned out to be so dramatic that Precision Nutrition selected him as his $ 25,000 main winner – awarded to the member who has the "most incredible and inspiring body transformation." Better yet, his doctor gave him a clean health certificate.

As for others who are still thinking about change, Shultz prefers to keep his advice simple: Start small and do not be afraid to ask for help. "It took me 57 years," he says. There is a wealth of advice. Get it from people who are smarter than you, and you'll have those tools with you forever. "

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