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Hard knocks Los Angeles Recap

  • HBO’s NFL documentaries Hard blows is back and different than ever.
  • Not only is the show following two teams’ training camps for the first time, but there’s all of the COVID-19 from it all.
  • The first episode is television. It might make you feel confident about the future of the NFL, but you can also see how uphill the season will be.

    HBO’s documentary series Hard blows has become a ritual part of every NFL season. Shortly after the players showed up for training camp, fans across the country thirsting for a taste of the season were given a glimpse into the process of a particular team, be it Rex Ryan̵

    7;s brazen New York Jets in 2010 or Jon Grudens Oakland Raiders in Year 2019. It’s a rare opportunity to see how the NFL’s sausage is made – and with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting almost everything this year, the Sausage of 2020 will be made significantly differently. And the resulting television is imperative.

    Apart from everything related to coronavirus, Hard blows Things changed in 2020 when we went to Los Angeles and embed camera crews with both the chargers and the rams. The team’s inaugural episode was easy on the actual Soccer, and it’s hard to see how these two teams and all of their staff – players, coaches, staff – are adjusting to the reality of dealing with a different season than ever before.

    From the opening segment of the episode when Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn revealed to his team (via Zoom) that anyone could contract COVID because he Signing COVID, it was clear that this season of Hard Knocks was going to give viewers a glimpse into something really interesting and relevant.

    Some parts of the episode looked like previous seasons – team meetings, for example. But these meetings had slight waves that made moments like a Black mirror or Twilight zone Riff over a past Hard blows Season. Whether it was Lynn slitting one of his players in his office with both men behind their masks, or Ram’s head coach Sean McVay choosing to wear a clear face shield over his face instead of a mask Hard blows The spirit of the past was completely intact, but just a little warped.

    Covid hard knocks Los Angeles


    During the hour-long episode, viewers saw the precautions that were already being taken. McVay and the Rams staff built an entire facility and weight room outside. Players’ temperatures were checked as they entered almost every room and in their car before they even got out.

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    The most intriguing part of the episode, however, was a montage that took almost four minutes for Chargers players to get their COVID tests. The coexistence of even these tall, physically intimidating guys going and beating other guys on the grate to make a living being nervous about a cotton swab going up their nose, made for a really great TV.

    One of the Chargers’ top players, cornerback Casey Hayward Jr., was especially squeamish about dabbing his nostrils and the crew stayed with him for long periods of time. Heyward’s nerves are somewhat representative of the whole situation. Do what they have to do to try this thing – even if it isn’t exactly comfortable. “Fuck.” Hayward says if the swab is in his nostril just before it ends. “That wasn’t the worst I’ve ever had.”

    Hard blows has subsequently done a great job showing that players are still having fun while strict protocols are in place and people are expected to be responsible for it. The lesson ends with players joking about a mysterious patron who is using the portapotty for a bowel movement.

    A criticism of Hard blows Often times, the storylines feel the same from season to season and you have an idea of ​​what is going to happen. This season, that criticism can be thrown completely out of the window; Nobody has any idea what’s going to happen. And while it’s breathtaking to see the various measures and tests that are being carried out to ensure a season can happen (at least you can Beginning), it is clear that the fight is still going uphill. To cope with this, it takes concentrated and coordinated effort – and the most interesting act of Hard blows So far is whether everyone will be able to stick with it.

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