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Happy Birthday Bhumi Pednekar: The inspiring diet and training secrets of the birthday boy

  Happy Birthday Bhumi Pednekar: The Inspirational Nutrition and Training Secrets of the Birthday Boy

Bhumi Padnekar celebrates her birthday on July 18th. She has amazed everyone with her strong performances on screen and even with her inspiring weight-loss journey poste her debut feature Dum Laga Ke Haisha. Here's how she shed everything

Unlike other actresses who set important goals in terms of looks and looks for teenagers, Bhumi Pednekar started with a powerful performance role in Dum Laga Ke Haisha. In the film, she played the role of an overweight married woman. For the role she had to put extra kilos, but she killed it in the part, not afraid of her weight and appearance. In no time, the actress took on the challenge of losing all that weight and giving us all the primary transformational goals. Immediately after her first discharge, she managed to lose 21

kg in just four months, adjusting to an incredible diet and weight loss plan. She once said, "Do not set unattainable goals. Work slowly on your plan. I lost all weight when I was in a happy state. I've eaten everything right, from ghee to butter, but controlled by certain elements like sugar and carbohydrates. I followed a regular diet and weight loss plan and exercised. I've even had a cheat every five days, so I can get involved in my journey.

So Bhumi went from 89 kg to 57 kg without following a diet plan Use these tips to achieve what the actress did without going into starvation:

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Lose it like Bhumi: Diet

The actress herself went to social media, sharing the secrets behind the incredible weight loss, dividing her day into exactly three meals When she looked at her diet, she never really believed in fasting or starvation, but ate all that was needed in limited portions.

Breakfast: Your breakfast consists of the following:

  • Start the day with a glass of lukewarm water
  • Muesli with low-fat milk, she also added flaxseed to be cereal.
  • Half an hour before going to the gym in the morning, she had bread, egg whites and fruit.
  • After de Her diet consisted of cooked protein.

Lunch: Your lunch consisted of:

    • Your lunch consisted mainly of rotis with several grains, lentils, and lightly thrown vegetables. She complemented her meals with homemade quark and buttermilk.
    • As a variation she sometimes had grilled chicken and brown bread sandwich with homemade spread.
    • A serving of brown rice and homemade chicken sauce

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Hello you happy people. As promised, for lunch I eat the following: Simple, home-cooked whole foods that include Roti, Sabzi and Dal. I eat anything but a healthy version of it. My Rotis are not made of wheat, but Bajra, Jowar, Nachni, soy, Chana or Rajgira and are covered with some white butter. You can mix all of these grains into a powerful multigrain Roti or use them individually. My dal has tadka and the sabzi has oil, but used olive oil in moderation. There is always a bowl of homemade dahi or a glass of chaas (with salt and some jeera) to eat. On days when I'm not there or feel like having a different taste, I choose other healthy options like grilled chicken, brown bread and grilled chicken sandwich (I like to use hummus / honey mustard, green chutney or just a little olive oil if I want it Grilling spread instead of butter or another trans fat spread, as hummus with cucumber and carrots, as nutri-nuggets or as homemade chicken sauce cooked in very little oil with a bowl of brown rice.This meal would take anywhere between 400 and 500 calories and under I do not starve, I just eat healthy and exercise 😘💃🔥 #LoseItLikeBhumi

A Bhumi Pednekar (@bhumipednekar) post on October 21, 2015 at 1:49 PDT

Dinner: She calls it one day with the following food options:

    • Between meals, she had fruit in the evening followed by a cup of green tea
    • At dinner she invited a large bowl of salad, including all seasonal vegetables and light dressings such as vinegar or chili oil.
    • For dinner she had grilled chicken or fish, paneer or tofu, supplemented with a portion of brown rice or a thin roti.

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Hello your smiling festive people, I hope my last few posts were helpful. These are things that have worked for me. Today I share what I have in the second half of the day 😎 At 16.4.30 I eat half a papaya or an apple / a pear / a guava. After about an hour, I drink a cup of green tea with some almonds or walnuts. At about 7:00 pm I have a large bowl of salad with all the salad vegetables, maybe an apple and some walnuts or some dried berries if the seasonal ones are not available – with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or some olive chili oil with garlic and mustard or apple cider vinegar. I try to make fun of it, so sometimes I add grilled chicken or feta cheese. At about 8:30 pm I eat my dinner, which usually consists of grilled fish or chicken (there are many easy-to-prepare recipes on the internet, keep experimenting!). On days when I would like to eat vegetarian, it is usually fresh, grilled or slightly pan-fried paneer / tofu, fried or steamed vegetables (flavored to taste) with a small cup of brown rice or a thin multigrain roti. I try to eat as little carbohydrates as possible at night. Do not be intimidated by the regime. Try to create a schedule that works for you 🙂 Only if you eat right and exercise properly, you can, people.

A post shared by Bhumi Pednekar (@bhumipednekar) on October 28, 2015 at 3:25 pm PDT

It also gives us some additional information on how to tackle the craving for sugar on a regular basis:

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Ending or rather reducing the intake of refined sugar was one of the best decisions of my life. Refined sugar – brown or white – is nothing but taste and empty calories. During digestion, the body is deprived of many vitamins and minerals. For someone like me, who has sweet tooth, it was difficult to stay away from Meetha. So I thought, why long and rob yourself if you have healthier options today. It's all about choosing the healthier bottle. Why not have a brownie that tastes amazing but also does the body good? Be it raw honey or stevia, these natural sweeteners are a blessing and also affordable. Raw honey is good for digestion and contains zinc, potassium, calcium and vitamin B6. Add it to your Nimbu Paani, oats, even milk. You can also put it in your salad dressing. Honey can be used in different ways. Please do not cook it at high temperatures as it loses its taste and nutrients. Stevia is one of the oldest sweeteners known to mankind. It is extracted from a plant and tastes very sweet. It has no calories or carbohydrates. In fact, it has anti-inflammatory properties and also controls high blood pressure. Use it in your morning chai or make desserts with it as it is a super substitute for sugar. Date syrup is actually one of my favorite things, as it is a great alternative to the sugar you would add to your mithais or biscuits. It gives you energy and is full of iron. Jaggery is also full of health benefits. It cleanses the respiratory tract, stomach, esophagus and lungs and aids digestion. Then there are maple syrup, coconut sugar and a whole host of other natural sweeteners … all information is available online. But remember, even though these options are healthier, they still need to be consumed in moderation. A little restraint contributes significantly to improving your health. Hope that was helpful. Xx #LoseItLikeBhumi

A post shared by Bhumi Pednekar (@bhumipednekar) on September 30, 2015 at 03:26 PDT

. She said, "It's better to choose the better." Why not have a cake that tastes wonderful and does not fat? Be it honey or low calorie sweeteners, they are readily available and do not stress the bag.

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Lose It Like Bhumi: Workout

Bhumi is known to train regularly. Some people often go overboard and are excited about the gym, but Bhumi believes otherwise. The first rule in her case was to set achievable goals. She started her day with morning walks and sometimes even sprints. She also completed a 15-minute cardio and weight training for 30-40 minutes. She even tried functional training as a change from strength training. In addition to training in the gym, she danced as a stress buster and entertaining activity on her favorite Bollywood numbers and played volleyball, badminton and swimming.

In Bhumi's words: "You should love your body type, it's no good for fatuous people, no one should tell their friends, mothers or sisters to lose weight, do not judge people by their weight."

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Written by Vani Malik

Source: Onlymyhealth Editorial Team July 17, 2019

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