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Halle Berry shared her fitness goals for 2019 and they are intense

  halle-berry-fb.jpg Photo: Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

As you work on fine-tuning your resolutions for the New Year, take a moment to gather a few from badass Halle Berry To achieve inspirations. ICYDK, the actress has a weekly # FitnessFriday video series on Instagram in recent months, sharing training tips with the help of her trainer Peter Lee Thomas.

Last week she shared her five best resolutions for 2019 and how she "If you're the guy who buys gym membership on Jan. 1, but does not really use it, then I'll talk to you," wrote she on Instagram. This #FitnessFreittag is about setting realistic goals and goals in the New Year! Write them down, put them in a place that you see every day, and keep them as a daily motivation to focus and inspire your fitness journey in 2019. "(In her opinion, there are many ways in which a diary or diary can be beneficial to your health and fitness goals.)

Then she referred her followers to her Instagram story, in which she shared her own resolutions: [19659005] 1. Get bangin 'abs: Considering that she has recently shared this belly exercises for a killer In essence, Berry is practically there already. (PS Did you know that her coach's sportiness

2. Learn a new martial art: Not only in Berry, MMA is already included But she is also a big fan of Cris Cyborg: "I meet very special people from time to time, that change the world and myself in it – that's how I feel about Cris Cyborg, "she recently wrote on Instagram." She's not just the biggest female # MMA fighter. But she's always full of passion and compassion, love and empathy i highest quality. "(Do not leave all battles to Berry and Cyborg.) That's why you should give MMA a chance.)

3. Inspire More People: It's no secret that their # FitnessFriday posts already have a big impact. A typical example: the time she flew lucky fan Alis Adjahoe to California to do a hard boxing training with her and her trainer. "We completed a 90-minute training that was challenging," Adjahoe said on Instagram. "But with the encouragement and motivation of Halle and Peter, I stopped. I was the only one sweating bullets, but I was determined to keep going, and I did. It is never too late and you are never too old. It's me 49 and I do it, so you can too. Make your health 2019 your priority.

4. Run More: This is such a dependable goal, if this has been on your to-do list for some time, but you do not know where to start, contact us Whether you want to run faster, increase your stamina, or just go out and start running, you'll learn how to walk better in just one month. (Related: hate running? 25 ways [to learn to love it]

5. Do Bikram Yoga: Berry has been practicing yoga for years, beginning early this year as she uses the practice to meditate and meditate in dark times But Bikram Yoga takes the practice to a whole new level – often known as "hot yoga", the Bikram is a sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises performed in a heated room (100+ degrees) for 90 minutes (See also: How hot should it really be in the hot yoga class? a?)

Feeling inspired by Berry, but do you think you need a bit of support to prepare for your New Year's goals? Join our exclusive Goal Crushers Facebook group at Jen Widerstrom's 40-day Crush-Your-Goals Challenge. The group is totally private, for women only, providing you with a safe space to share your accomplishments or ask for help while you receive advice from Widerstrom himself. Trust us, it's all you need to start positively in 2019.

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