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Guys share the hard lessons that have made them better men

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Which means it to be a good man? And what are the difficult lessons that you learn to have long the way? A Reddit thread on hard truths that made you a better man tries to answer these questions.

For many people, the right thing is something they learned only during the crisis. "A negative event in your life could not be your fault, it's still your responsibility," wrote a comment. "Not your fault, but your problem," said another. The way we react to a difficult situation says a lot more about us than about how we spend the rest of the time.

It is always a bitter pill to swallow a meritocracy. "It is possible to do everything right and still fail," said a man. "Hard work is not what is rewarded, profitable work is," said another. "You are not rewarded by your efforts to do something, you only get credit for what is being done." In other words, you work smarter and not harder. The busy culture has led many of us to think that it is imperative that we spend all the moment of our awake life, and we are so busy that we constantly wonder if that makes us happy.

In this context, we need to know our own boundaries and set limits so that others know what to expect from us, and if they ask too much, "I had to learn to say no," a guy confesses that saved me bad relationships, bad business and bad friends. Smile, be nice, but say "no" if you have to. This includes being unable to keep your promises but not being able to keep up – it's not fair to keep up with your crap. "

For many men it means becoming happier when they wake up with the realization that this is the case While our struggles seem great to us, they fade in the grand scheme of things: in fact, the universe is quite unconscious about ours Existence, and while that feels isolated, it can actually refresh our perspective. "The world does not give a shit about me, and that's fine," wrote one man. "In the end, all you have is you, yourself, be kinder to you, "said another, but it is important not to punish ourselves too hard while we work to make it better.

Many commentators pointed out how important it is to be good for others as well: "Life is hard and not fair, that does not mean you have to be."

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