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Guide to post-traumatic stress disorder: 5 ways to deal with PTSD

  Guide to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: 5 Ways to Deal with PTSD

Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder is not as easy as it sounds. One should learn to deal with this stress for a healthy mind and body. There are some natural ways to deal with PTSD.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental illness in which a person goes after a traumatic event against stress. While some people get over it sooner, it can take a lifetime for some! It depends on the zeal of the person to get out of this situation. PTSD is a serious problem and the person concerned needs adequate help. While there are drugs available to treat PTSD, there are a few ways to deal with this problem in a natural way. These are generic suggestions that every PTSD patient can translate for better outcomes.

Daily Training

Mental and physical health are interconnected. Exercising regularly also improves your mental well-being. You do not have to go to the gym for that. A 30-minute walk or jogging is enough to train body and mind. When you start this exercise, you would feel like leaving your stress behind. This is one of the easiest ways to deal with PTSD.


Stress arises in the brain, but it stresses the whole body. To deal with this, you have to pull it out of the roots and meditation can help you with that. Find a quiet corner in your home and instruct others not to disturb you. Meditate every day for 20-30 minutes. This would help you to get positive vibrations from the environment while banishing all negative thoughts from your head.

Art therapy

This is a bit strange, but it has been useful to treat PTSD on a personal level when dealing with arts and crafts. A hobby with health benefits is all you need. This activity would distract your mind from all the negative things and turn them into positive works of art. When you create something new, you become happy. Draw and do what you want and that's it!

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Aromatherapy makes you calm and relaxed indeed.

According to David Kinchin, author of "Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The Invisible Injury", aromatherapy can be both part of a healing regime and a self-contained preventative therapy. It makes you pleasure through the sense of touch (massage), the sense of smell (aroma oils), the sense of sight (pleasant environment). It helps to create favorable conditions for the body and mind, so that the healing happens naturally.

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Getting a Pet

Pets are the best friends of man. They overwhelm us with love and affection so that we also feel loved. Many studies have claimed that a pet can improve our cognitive health. You get a companion, and your day will pass if you run after them and take care of them. You do not have time to worry about the issues that could lower your stress levels.

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