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Great gifts for cyclist coaches

Choosing a cycling gift for a love-loving lover – be it an occasional weekend driver or a die-hard downhill bomber – can be difficult, but we would invest some money on one of our cycling gift ideas. That's because many of them are just useful while the rest are just beautiful things and who does not need more of them in their lives?

Sponsor One Mile of the National Bicycle Network

Only a few cyclists have everything, and when something new comes out they like to buy it for themselves. For these cyclists – and for all civil drivers – you can give a better bike network by sponsoring a mile of it. With Sustrans, the charity that maintains and extends the network, you can add a personalized gift message to the sponsor A Mile certificate you receive. As a bonus, this gift acts as a perfect companion: "If Sustrans were not, this essential infrastructure would, frankly, waste this land." Hours of fun for the whole family.

Buy at Sustrans | £ 20

Sustrans Freewheelin & # 39; Enamel Mug

"Hmmm, I'd like one such excellent charities support ", you think," but they will get a fit if they do not get anything to unpack. "Make this thing a cup with a design exclusive to Sustrans. It's available on t-shirts, a tea towel or a notebook if you prefer, but this sturdy enamel mug can be thrown into a pannier with a thermos flask.

Buy at Sustrans | £ 12

Ace Savers Regular Mudguard

Many road cyclists do not want to have the weight of a permanent fender on their two-wheeled steed, but still avoid being splashed on wet roads. Solve the dilemma by giving them these lightweight, removable fenders.

Buy at Wiggle | £ 5.50

Bike Citizens Finn Handlebar Phone Holder

The Bike Citizens navigation app is a great one Possibility To plan and track a route through a city, it's a breeze to pick your phone out of your pocket, or even worse, with one hand in your glove. That's why Bike Citizens has designed this cleverly designed silicone phone holder. If you are seeing it for the first time, it may be hard for us to believe that it will keep your phone safe – but trust us, it will, and it is a truly enjoyable purchase.

Buy at Amazon | £ 7.79

Eddy Merckx cycling cap

A cycling cap is an indispensable item of clothing in the arsenal of every racing cyclist. This high quality Italian beanie bears the name of the great Eddy Merckx, whose absolute decimation is his adversary – 525 race victories – earned him the nickname The Cannibal. Can you imagine a better nickname? No, we can not either. Phwoar.

Buy at Amazon | £ 8.23 ​​

Escape by Bike: Adventure Biking, Bicycle Packaging, and Off-Road Tours

We all have to give gifts to people we do not always enjoy spending time with. If this person is a cyclist, give them this excellent account of what you need to know before embarking on a great cycling adventure. They are likely to be inspired to go on tour for months.

Buy at Amazon | £ 14.41 (RRP £ 20)

The art of cycling jerseys

Does your cycling enthusiast fifties own a coffee table? This beautiful hardcover book belongs there. The author Chris Sidwells takes the reader on a colorful journey through the history of the cycling jersey, from the simple tops of the 1900s over the design glory days of the 60s and 70s to the era in which one may not talk about them in the eighties and up to the technically sophisticated garments of today's Tour de France champions.

Buy at Amazon | £ 16.79

Beryl Pixel Light

Any cyclist traveling in the dark knows that They can never have too many lights, especially those that can be worn on the person instead of competing on the horse for space. This multifunctional light can be attached to helmets, backpacks, bags and cuffs – the idea has come up – and ensures a constant red or white light.

Buy from Beryl | £ 19.99


Coach stablemate Cyclist is known for its great Photography of epic rides around the world, and 20 of the magazine's most intriguing shots are summarized in this book. It is printed in ultra-high quality on heavyweight cardboard because the pages are designed for removal, framing and hanging. If you insert a black A3 frame, you'll get a serious decor upgrade.

Buy Cyclist | £ 25

Topeak Joe Blow Sport Crawler Pump

One of the most frustrating things a cyclist can do is try to inflate a tire with a waste pump, especially when working with the high pressure required for road tires , This Joe Blow pump eliminates the need to blow up a tire, and the person you give it will thank you every time you use it.

Buy at Wiggle | £ 29.99

Zwift Subscription

If the person you buy spends a lot of time pedaling on a turbo trainer while you stare at a wall, you will receive a lot of praise if you give them one Give Zwift membership. Connect Zwift with an indoor turbo, a television and your broadband and he can cycle through the virtual world of Watopia and participate in races and structured training sessions with other Zwift-subscribed cyclists from around the world. In this way, you can ward off the boredom of indoor cycling.

Buy from Zwift | Three-Month Subscription 45 USD (approximately £ 34.50), Annual Subscription $ 180 (approximately £ 138)

London Cyclist City Map

If you are spotting a piece of reserve wall in the corridor of a London cyclist, fill it with this stylized map that lists all the cycle paths in the city. They can use it to plan their next voyage, or discuss the quickest route to the Herne Hill Velodrome as Exhibit A in a heated debate with their roommate. There are also versions for Berlin, New York and San Francisco.

Buy at Future Maps | From £ 40

Bike Shop From Dominic Clifford

The Rule "No Bicycles in the House" does not have to apply to this pretty screen print of a classic English bike store by Dominic Clifford, whose work has appeared on the Internet Likes of Guardian Weekend Magazine and the New York Times .

Buy at Print Club London | £ 50

Bikehut Complete Tool Kit

Do you really give a toolkit? Yes, but that's not all. With this comprehensive kit, you can also work for hours without having to stop because a key tool is missing. You also expect to be able to improve your ride quickly anytime, but it's best to keep that attitude a little bit for yourself.

Buy at Halfords | £ 50

Stolen Goat Harris cycling jersey

You can not have too many cycling jerseys, especially if they look as good as this retro number from Stolen Goat. Maybe two – you do not want the recipient looking more stylish than you on your next trip together.

Buy at Stolen Goat | £ 75

Litelok Gold Wearable [194559003]

A glamorous gift, but there are two important bicycle truths to keep in mind , On the one hand, you need a very good lock to at least hold bicycle thieves, especially in a big city. And the other is that most cyclists refuse to spend as much as possible on their castle, especially because the money could be used for something more fun like an even better bike. The Litelok Gold Wearable has a Sold Secure Gold rating and can be worn comfortably around the waist while riding.

Buy at Amazon | £ 99.99


A handy navigation aid for the ever-lost cyclist, Beeline straps on your handlebars and provides a simple pointer to your final destination, along with the entire airline you need to cover. The pointer system is easy to use and helps you to find your way around cycling. However, if you want to plan a more detailed route, you can set Beeline to point to a number of waypoints.

Buy at Beeline | £ 99

Vulpine Waxed Harrington [194559003]

This would indeed be a very special gift – but it & # 39; is it worth it, right? This jacket is the ideal all-rounder – stylish but with many bike-specific technologies such as reflective embellishments, easy-access pockets and a bike fit. It is also suitable for driving on very hot and sunny days in any weather, which makes it well suited for the UK. It's unbelievably expensive, but whoever tears the wrapping paper to betray this will be a very happy camper.

Buy at Vulpine | £ 300

Wahoo KICKR SNAP [194559003]

We are very much in the big ticket category here, but everyone is enthusiastic Cyclists need a turbo and the KICKR SNAP is one of the best. It's an intelligent trainer and can automatically link to apps like Zwift and The Sufferfest, completely revolutionizing winter training for the cyclist lucky enough to receive this gift from you. And if you are convinced of the idea of ​​getting a turbo, but not of the high price of the KICKR SNAP, we have some cheaper options in our top turbo summary.

Buy at Wiggle | £ 499.99

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