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Gratitude: Power of the Spirit and stay motivated

As I always say to my daughter, "choose the gratitude over the attitude". It seems to be a simple concept that can be integrated into one's life, but it is amazing how life can challenge this concept. Between social media, news and traveling museums like the Compassion project, we have the opportunity to experience how lucky we are to have food, water, medicine, transportation and education. Unfortunately, we also have access to the inequalities that can exist between economic classes, education, material objects, etc., that can sabotage gratitude. Focusing on what you do not have is related to poor self esteem, anxiety, depression and suicide. So where does one look for gratitude without an attitude of "it's not fair!"

The answer is you! Even more important are the words that you speak to yourself. When illness, material goods and / or life stressors overwhelm us, how are you talking at this time? Is it "I can do that"? Take a deep breath and remember your strengths? Or say "why me?" I can not do that! That's so difficult! I am so (enter your negative comment here). "More likely it is the latter. If we focus on negativity, we will inevitably become the one we focus on. How does that translate into gratitude, which you may ask? Gratitude begins by being thankful to you. Thankful for our ability to breathe, to move, to eat, to think, to sleep, to laugh, to cry and to move. All this can be hard work, but how lucky we can change. Being thankful and annoyed about how difficult it can be is a HUGE contribution to living in happiness and health.

Gratitude will enhance your commitment to exercise, good sleep and healthy eating habits. As? Because life often throws us curves such as pain, illness, travel or children. Sometimes, keeping a commitment can be daunting and impossible. Sometimes it was easier to say that you only have 1

5 minutes to do sports. They'll do it another time or stay late and tell themselves that you'll get more sleep next week. I was here with frustration, fear and exhaustion. I realized that I could only commit to improving my health and that my behavior should inevitably improve my thinking. I noticed that I had a lot of grudge because, as I say, I had to be parenting myself. I was annoyed that I had a neurological disorder. If I do not sleep well, do sports regularly, and avoid certain foods, I would not feel well. I started making the changes, but I did not because I appreciated what I had, but because I needed to avoid myalgia / pain. I would train, but I would do what I could do earlier. I would go to bed early and feel I would miss me. Yes, I had the feeling that I only survived.


I wish I could say there was a moment when I felt a change in my mind, but it would be wrong. I have been blessed that I have read and read many books on healing and started with a small change in my thoughts. First it was the awareness of my soliloquy. Was it negative or positive? Could I move it? Could I wake up with gratitude that I can go today because there was a day when walking was exhausting? Can I love who I am, cherish who I was and hug who I am? Slowly my attitude changed in gratitude.

Next, I changed attitudes to my daily habits. Instead of feeling that my days are never long enough to do everything I need, and allow fears to build up, I wondered how to judge my time. Preparation for the preparation is a great time saver for me and allows me to stay on track with healthy choices. BUT it takes time. Now I'm looking forward to the time when I pair them up by listening to a book or a music, watching a show that I do not usually see or talk to my sisters. My attitude to time and movement really had to change me. Morning is my best time to exercise, I feel less pain and more energy, BUT they are also a time when it's hardest in the household. I either skipped the exercise if I only had 10 minutes or did not feel annoyed, as if I could train as I had imagined. These thoughts only derailed my health. I started to take the 10 minutes and hug her. I started to challenge myself how to make those 10 minutes meaningful. And within those 10 minutes, I focused on being grateful for giving me this opportunity instead of being angry, which made a big difference in improving my performance and recovery. And sleep is the hardest for me. I focus on the next morning and how much I enjoy the early morning hours when everyone is still asleep, and it's only me, me and myself. Do I feel better? YES, with more energy and more happiness in my heart.

It is important for us to be thankful for your ability to think, move, eat, sleep, for the opportunities we have in life, such as education, food, transportation, friends, etc. to love and to live. Allow the hustle and bustle of this upcoming holiday as an opportunity to turn your thinking into positivity and gratitude, not just to others, but to yourself as well.

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