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Give a workout experience – Total Gym Pulse

Create a new holiday tradition of well-being this season!

I'm talking about a movement experience that they'll always associate with you on your Total Gym device. It could be something else for your girlfriend spending her Sunday night in a robe and face mask watching Netflix, for your cousin who loves trying out new training trends, or for your mom who could seriously use a stretch session ,

It's the perfect way to share something you love on devices they may not have. The experience may be so funny that they want to do a weekly exercise party or even buy their own total gym.

Why not give your loved one time to train with you instead of giving them another gadget you'll soon be forgetting?


Looking, Deciding, Packing, Delivering … Too often, giving is felt as if it were a duty. Rethink your donation strategy this season with more meaningful gifts. Research has shown that people value experience more than material possessions.

A special offer to schedule a workout meeting can grab the attention of your friends. It's time you spend together to achieve a common health goal and reduce extra calories! It's also a great excuse to escape the stress of being on holiday and do something that benefits your health.

Here are 3 reasons why gift giving is better than "things" This holiday season:

  1. Strengthens your relationships through social bonding.
  2. The recipient feels special and has more meaning.
  3. Your relatives will learn from experience, experience and improve.

And here are some advantages that result when gives away a movement experience:

  • Share your knowledge
  • Keeps you accountable
  • while you sweat out
  • Challenge each other
  • Determined to achieve a common goal
  • Make a party by playing some great pieces
  • Refill and with a rehydrate healthy green juice

Exercise is inspirational. It's amazing what the human body can achieve. If a little sweat session is not enough and your friends expect a gift to open, you can always pack something that's related to your workout experience, such as a sweat towel, a yoga mat, a headband, or a simple recipe book.


This training experience consists of 6 basic exercises that highlight the Total Gym. They are easy for first-time users and at the same time, they train the muscles efficiently. Your overall gym equipment will be a real crowd pleaser!


Be the Trainer:

  • This is your chance to be the trainer and show your training skills to your friends.
  • Adjust the Height Increase .
  • Perform a quick, dynamic warm-up to work the muscles.
  • Demonstrate the exercise and then let it be tried by your friend.
  • Invite them to move with control to make them feel safe and reach the right shape.
  • If you feel confident and ready for more, try partnering.
  • Finish the workout with a series of stretches to avoid pain.

(High Tilt & Fixed Squat Stand)

  1. Squats Variations + Jumps

    (Lower Tilt Angle, Remove Squat Stand and Attach Cables)

  1. Seated Torso Chops
  2. Surfer Series
  3. Bicep -Cloak
  4. sweater crunch
  5. high-low service

Partner Circuit:

  • If you are going to show you ur total gym in training style, then I recommend to run it as a partner circuit. While one is at the equipment, the other will observe, observe and perform a ground exercise of the equipment.
  • After a certain time or repetitions change places, change alternately / Switch off the device until the circuit is complete.
  • Choose an exercise your friend will do at the Total Gym. Exercise examples; Squats, lunges, jumps, superman or my favorite, a plank handle!
  • The goal is to perform 1
    5-20 repetitions per exercise or set the rates for 30-45 + seconds.

Be Watch the video to see how these exercises are performed so that you and your friends can have a magical movement experience.

Sharing is important. Give your loved one the best things in life, the ability to move freely. You will be thankful and inspired.

Cheers & Best this season.




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