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Gifts for Men Who Hate Men's Gift Guides

Need a gift for the guy you work with? How about your dad? The fiancée of your best friend? We cover you. Men's guides are usually full of clichés such as beard combs, overpriced basketball baskets, decorative axes and, of course, underwear. But not these ones.

This year, we bring you gift ideas for men who have a better time. Wow him with something that says, "I know more about you than just wearing socks!"

They say a way to a man's heart leads through his belly. While this is probably not true for every guy, this basket will convince everyone. With Cabot Cheddar, Vermont Creamery Cremont, Murray's apple butter and olive oil crackers, it contains everything a guy needs for a 1

0/10 snack.

($ 50; murrayscheese.com)

This iPhone case is the coolest invention of all time. Instead of a standard silicone or leather back, this has an integrated Game Boy-like console that works perfectly. If your guy is tired of scrolling through his social media, he can turn his phone around and play classic games like Tetris, Tank, Snake & Black, and so on.

($ 20; wanlecases .com)

Detergent may sound like an even worse gift than socks, but listen to us. This soap smells (best) of a campfire and actually extends the life of its clothing, which means less shopping for it. Basically, these are two gifts in one; Welcome.

($ 18; livefrey.com)

This cookbook is dedicated to all the favorite spices: the ranch. It is rich in recipes for home-made dressings, dips and home-style cooking, complemented by many cool 90s-style photography.

($ 17; amazon .com) [19659005] A speaker is usually something you give when you can not think of anything else. However, this limited Sonos of the popular Danish brand Hay should be at the top of your gift list. It's the size of a standard portable speaker, but the sound quality is superb. It can be controlled by Amazon Alexa and it looks so good that he wants to keep it.

($ 229; sonos.com)

Do you know a guy who is a movie fan? This one is for him. The print looks like an old American road map, except that all the streets, landmarks and parks were named after films such as Jurassic Park and Reservoir Dogs . It's a lot cooler than another Amazon gift card.

($ 28; wearedorothy.com)

Men also like flowers! This minimalist vase is the perfect accent for any room, centering on any flower or plant it contains. Bonus: It looks more expensive than it is.

($ 20; cb2.com)

Graphic T-shirts are great gifts because they are thoughtful without being too personal and all you need to know about them is his general size. This product is especially cool as it is made from supersoft Organic Supima cotton and a playful, eco-friendly print.

($ 27; troublemuffin .com)

Everybody loves chocolate, right? Well, he will definitely love this chocolate. The chocolate bar trio is available in three decadent flavors: Heavens to Bacon (bacon almond praline and potato chips), Mayan spice (dark chocolate ganache and tortilla crunch) and coconut dream (coconut biscuits, salted caramel and dark chocolate) , Is the water in your mouth? Yes, the same.

($ 24; mayanchocolate.com)

This starter kit is for the guy who wants to set the mood – mood lighting. These smart bulbs do it all: with one touch on the phone or the sound of their voice, you can use Alexa (Google Assistant) to dim, change color, turn on or off on a schedule, and sync with your music or TV. or Apple HomeKit. Pretty chic, right?

($ 100; amazon .com)

Where did you set up the bottle opener? Who knows. But this cheeky is worth keeping track of. It comes in six bright colors (easy to spot in the junk drawer!) And looks like a tiny, enchanting demon.

(15 $; amazon .com)

Do not wear golf gloves and jerseys this year and give them a classic bocce set instead , It comes directly from Italy from the peoples who offer the World Bocce Championship so you know what's important.

($ 135; amazon.com)

Any adult seat should have at least one coffee table book. Set it up for success with this: It contains more than 300 images of animals from around the world in various art forms (cave paintings, photographs, microscopic views).

($ 37; amazon) .com)

OK to give Cologne is not revolutionary, but to give this is it. Answer a few questions about your recipient, and Hawthorne adjusts two Cologneers – one for work and one for the game. Each fragrance is handmade by a team of award-winning perfumers, so you know it smells amazing and is perfect for your father / brother / boy.

($ 100; hawthorne [19659007] .co )

If your giftee cares about how his place smells (or if you try to gently know him) let his place smell), this Mayan incense is for him. It smells like Tulum and is much better than buying a candle that it will never burn.

(10 $; amazon .com)

Attn: Meat lover! Specializing in Wagyu beef, this veteran company ensures that every slice you buy is of the highest quality. The Ribeye Lovers basket, which includes two ribeye steaks and two packs of ground beef, is the way to go.

($ 60; kccattlecompany .com)

Whiskey Stones That's the worst – they hurt your teeth each time you take a sip, and you they need to wash (as opposed to ice, which just goes down the drain). Here's a gift the bourbon lover can really enjoy in your life: this tray makes four large ice balls that slowly melt and make each drink look like an expensive cocktail.

($ 16; amazon [19659007] .com)

23andMe is perfect for anyone who is curious about where they come from and how they affect who they are now , He receives accounts of the origins of his ancestors, any genetic health risks he might be predisposed to, his overall well-being, and much more.

($ 199; 23andme.com) [19459005

Still looking for the perfect gift? Here we have tons of gift ideas.

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