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Get the June 2019 issue of "Muscle & Fitness"

  Receive the June 2019 issue of

Per Bernal

In the June issue of Muscle & Fitness you'll find the workout tips, healthy recipes, and motivation you need to train and stay this summer.

Our Title Star, Avengers: Endgame Star Dave Bautista never seems to be out of shape. But if you're still struggling to remove some winter fluff and get ready for the beach, our Ultimate Beach Body feature has your back. With workouts by athletes and celebrities, as well as lifestyle tips from experts in the field, it's your guide when the weather gets warmer.

Whether your goal is to grow up, lose excess fat, or do a workout without spending everything, you can not go wrong with our full-body circuit program, which lasts only 25 minutes a day , It may sound like a shortcut, but rest assured that you will leave the gym as pumped and sweaty as you would after a much longer workout. Also, get 1

0 new moves that you've probably never heard of, but you should definitely use.

In our opinion training is fun to get fit. But do not think we forgot the diet! Read our guide to gluten-free barbecues to get inspired by summer barbecues, and do not miss our summary of the most important Mediterranean diet foods. Also, learn everything you need to know about calories and how they affect your journey to an impressive body.

And since Muscle & Fitness includes FLEX you'll find even more training and nutrition tips to help you make serious progress in the gym.

In this issue Take a look at our review of the 10 most crushed models of all time and find out what the 2019 Arnold results mean for the upcoming 2019 Olympics. If you feel motivated, you can start rebuilding your own stage with a comprehensive three-week plan inspired by the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. However, if your training plan gets to the point but your cooking skills are weak, we have some foolproof recipes to help you stay on track. Of course you will also find in FLEX many further training tips, nutritional tactics and information on bodybuilding.

No matter where you are in the fitness spectrum, here you will find everything in Muscle & Fitness and FLEX .



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