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Get the back of your life in just 2 steps!

A popular way to measure the effectiveness of your bodybuilding workout is to measure the intensity of your pump. If your biceps are ready to break through your sleeves, or your calves become bloody until the end of the last iteration, you know it was a good workout. The problem with the back is especially that your biceps will feel at the end of this pump and it stops before your lats can come in for fun!

This repetitive two-way finisher will help you. Since you are forced to use light weights, you can sneak a lot of volume and time under tension into your lats without your arms breaking and burning first. All you need is a rope handle, a side of a cable machine and the guts to keep to a minimum when it gets difficult. Because both exercises can be performed at the same station, moving them back and forth is child's play.

You will notice that the reps decrease with each sentence. Therefore, you should try to lower the pen on the stack and get heavier every time. If you can not do that, do not worry ̵

1; you can still feel the pump, even if the weight stays the same. You should not fail, but you should struggle when you reach the final iteration. Let rest for 30 seconds after each superset.



Rope Straight-Arm Pulldown

5 sentences, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 repetitions

Set the cable to the lowest possible position.

5 sets, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 repeats

Technique tips

Straight arm rope down

With the rope in your hands, stand back far enough so that the pinned weight will not fall It does not touch the stack at any time. Here, constant tension is important. Keep your arms straight as you hang on your shoulders and pull your arms down and back. When you pull the rope down, pull your hips forward slightly at the same time. This will allow you to activate the lower part of the lats, while dragging the arms into the center of the upper lats.

When the ends of the rope reach your body, spread your hands so that you can draw more and more into getting a better contraction. When you return to the starting position, make sure that you have everything under control and that the lats never relax. Do not leave the weight block! Feel the stretch at the top of the movement before retracting.

  Cable with straight arm

Cable with low cable

If you have an adjustable cable system, set the pulley for this exercise to the lowest position possible. For a standard station, simply move the rope from the top to the bottom roll. Make sure you're standing far enough back so that the attached weight does not touch the stack when you reach out.

While standing, hold both ends of the rope while pulling the shoulder blades and pulling your arms in. Bend your elbows against your navel. Try to keep your back as neutral and straight as possible. As with the prints, disconnect the ends of the rope as it reaches your body for better contraction. Hold down the button for 3 seconds before lowering the rope again with the control.

Use this superset at the end of your back training to get a massive pump and give your lats the best chance of growth. The combination of heavy back work with leg muscle training or deadlifting is a great way to bring more blood into this area and increase the potential for muscle growth. Beware of DOMS after training – this pain in the background can be a beast! Post-workout nutrition is important, so make sure your supplement game is up to date and do not forget to drink enough water! For more ideas on how to enlarge your back and improve your body, see "5 back exercises for the mass".

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