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Get Fit, Get Crushed, Be Happy – 13 Ways to Get Motivated for the New Year

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After the holidays, it's hard to get back into health and fitness – especially when the gym is full, the days are depressingly short and in winter the body is usually covered by the layers anyway.

However, with some excellent home-based training plans, meals, and nutritional guidance, it's easier to get your body back into shape after the holidays than you think. You do not even have to go to the gym; To get fit again, to eat healthy and to gain positive energy, you just have to find motivation.

If our 1

7 most impressive body transformations of 2018 were not enough, we've come up with a lot of other ways to focus on getting your body back to where it needs to be – because once Summer is coming, it will be too late.

Here are 13 ways to make your search for New Year's Wellness much easier.


If you've never done it before, it's wise to start the new year with some genetic diagnostics. A 23rd Health and Ancestry Kit will provide you with interesting and entertaining information about your family and heritage – but it will also give you valuable insights into your overall health and well-being. Do you have a family predisposition to diabetes? An intolerance to gluten or lactose? Do you need to reduce the red meat to lower your cholesterol level? Through detailed reports obtained from a simple DNA smear, you can identify health conditions in your family, such as heart disease, obesity, and more.
[$199; 23andme.com]


After the holidays, a reset is definitely fine. BeachBody's three-day refresh plan puts you back in the cycle of healthy eating by getting your body ready for a new diet and fitness program. In 72 hours you will again be able to eat well with specially developed shakes. The healthier alternative to juice diets and liquid fasting. [194559005]
[$70; beachbody.com]


It's hard to focus on fitness goals without a personal trainer or professional trainer. However, with Noom, a wellness program with committed health trainers and a support community, you do not have to feel alone. By improving their lifestyle, Noom's personalized fitness and diet programs make a healthy life easier.
[From $59; noom.com]


TRX is the suspension training system that provides results for anyone through seven simple moves that can be adjusted for all levels of fitness. The TRX program helps burn fat, build strength and improve heart health. Spend over $ 100 and get $ 20 off. over $ 150, you get $ 35 off; Spend over $ 200 and get $ 50. [194559005]
[From $190; TRX.com]

Motiv Ring

Wearable fitness is the easiest way to track wellness in real time, but not everyone wears a bulky watch. Enter Motiv Ring, a smart 24/7 ring that offers many features in one compact device that you really want to wear all day long. With a complete overview of your health, you can discover ways to improve your heart health, track your sleep cycles, and monitor your activities by wearing a ring. And of course it is waterproof.
[From $199; mymotiv.com]

Personal Trainer Food

Everyone knows that your body is supplied with the right fuel it needs. Personal Trainer Food helps to replace all the wrong foods that surround us with the right foods. Just order a plan that fits your lifestyle and goals, and the meals will be delivered to your door. In addition to a guide, Personal Trainer Food contains instructions for healthy eating for your plan, simple daily exercises, and additional information to maximize results. 30% off and free shipping with the promo code "Healthy30" for a limited time
[From $12/day; personaltrainerfooddelivery.com]



With high quality products make oral hygiene easy and replacement deliveries are delivered at your doorstep. Teeth become whiter and brighter in just a few days with the BURST Sonic Toothbrush. The charcoal bristles also help to remove plaque without injuring the gums. You can also get a toothbrush replacement head every three months – or sooner if you want. [194559005]
[$70; burstoralcare.com]

Love With Food

Snack is a bad treat we'll never give up, but it does not have to be filled with guilt. Love With Food is a subscription box for healthy snacks. With natural, organic or gluten-free options, Love With Food offers a curated selection of real ingredients. Snack on!
[From $8; lovewithfood.com]

Personal Labs

The doctor's visit is cumbersome. From missing work to appointments to hours wasted in the waiting room, so much time (and money!) Is lost, which should be the case in a fairly straightforward process. it is now. Personal Labs orders your lab tests and blood tests with just one click. Simply select the desired test and after a lab visit, your results will be available online. [194559005]
[Prices vary by test; personallabs.com]


Vitamix is ​​the intelligent blender that's perfect for home or on the go. With wireless connectivity and a system of containers and accessories for ultimate comfort and versatility. With several modern designs, there is something for every need. Get $ 100 off if you order by 1/6/19.

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