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Gen Z’s Ariel Levy is already a successful sports agent



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Despite its short history, Ariel Levy’s ASL Sports Group already represents a double-digit list of players shaping the future of the NBA and NFL. (No, he’s not just lucky.)

If you’re skeptical of a 19 year old with a company named after him, Ariel Levy gets this. Levy has been in sports marketing and management since he was 15 when he convinced some agents to give him a chance to get them Bring players who wanted to sign them.

At the age of 16 he founded the ASL Sports Group with a friend of his family and wanted to represent the next generation of sports superstars. “[Players] Either they are all there because they like my youth and the hustle and bustle, “says Levy,” or they are really scared and say: “With all due respect, I can’t sign with a 19-year-old.” “

Levy’s clients now include NBA veterans Michael Beasley and Andrew Adams of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Levy is expanding its social media presence and negotiating contracts with teams and sponsors.

He says he’s responsible for $ 40 million worth of contracts. Here’s Levy’s advice to young people in any Companies.

Use your differences

Seasoned managers told Levy he was too young. Levy’s response: “I’m different from the 30, 40, 50 or 60 year old manager who will sell you the same thing. I’m trying to come in on a different pitch [by] I will explain my social media expertise. “


Levy acquired his first client, Sampson Carter, through persistent pursuit. “I sent bulk emails to maybe 200 or 300 players who had time in the NBA. I immediately asked if we could make a call. We talked for hours. “

Know when to move on

Levy made mistakes, but that’s what he expects. He asks: “How can I improve this situation now?” Sometimes that means moving on to the next project.

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