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Gatsbying? The new millennium trend in social media

Did you regularly post new pictures in your social media accounts to grab your husband's attention? They tend to focus their attention on social media when they know that direct contact with them is of no use, or that they react with the same feelings. The fear of being rejected sometimes brings out the millennium in us and we try to get their attention in every possible way we can. Social media is a platform that can help you gain their attention without really informing them about your feelings.

If you've been doing this lately, it means you were gatsbying. Do you remember the book "The Great Gatsby", in which Jay Gatsby lavish parties to get the attention of Daisy (the love of her life) or maybe the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan? When this rings, you are in the right place to understand what you have been doing lately.

The new millennium trend called gatsbying is when you post something online to find the person you really like (a swarm or someone you are with).

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Are you gatsbying?

After you put something online for 5 minutes, you become restive if you know if your crush has seen it or not, or that you liked it – then, my friend, you're crazy. The constant urge to know how active the person you like in your posts is also part of Gatsbying. It is easy to understand and almost everyone is to blame. So do not worry, even if you

Other ways to get the attention of your crush

We all do something or the other to get the attention of a special person to make sure they know that we exist. Follow these tips to get the attention you've been watching for a long time.

Look Best

If you do your best you should be on your list all the time, not just for someone, but for yourself as well. Be real who you are and rock it. Wear a regular T-shirt, jeans and shoes if you choose – do not wear a dress just because you want somebody's attention. You are the most important thing when it comes to relationships. Remember that a lie has a short life, but the truth lives forever.

Trust is the Key

If you are confident and comfortable with who you are, he or she will definitely notice you. And he will like it. The most attractive thing about a person is their trust. Also remember to look into their eyes when talking to them. Do not appreciate the surrounding beauty if you should value it.

Smile More

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When we see someone, we notice his first Smile. If you have a real smile that can brighten a person's day, he / she will like it and notice you. So smile more!

Just lie down

Sorry to be together – choose them as a lab partner, in the office you can ask for help and start a conversation on the same topic. Do not scare them and look at them constantly or end up unexpectedly at their desk.

Do not stalk

If you're not scary, stalk you. Do not stalk and kill your chances of ever seeing him or her again. As tempting as it is, keep the urge and talk directly with them – less scary, more productive.

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