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Functional training made a huge difference in how well I look and feel, says Cover Model Kirk Miller

Cover-worthy physique is good and good, but if you want to be the healthiest, most powerful and best version of you, you need to focus on fitness – and Kirk Miller would be the first to give that. Because what's the use Set of make-up abdominal muscles, if you go out at the bus running the puff?

"I trained for years purely for aesthetic reasons, so I focused on building muscle and burning fat, but there's a lot more for optimal health and fitness than just looking good," says Miller. "I've reached a point where I want to move faster and be more explosive. Now I train for my first amateur boxing match. I had to change my training accordingly, so the emphasis would be less on some lifts, especially isolation moves like bicep curls, and more on cardio, conditioning and explosive movements and exercises to get me ready.

"I can honestly say that a well-rounded and balanced approach to training and fitness has a big impact on how well I look and feel. Now I'm able to move my hand to a heavy squat squat or explosive Olympic lift or even a 1

0k run. I know, I see, feel and perform better than ever] Try this circuit with six movements to train all your key muscle groups for a functionally-adjusted body. When you have completed the repetitions of each move, go straight to the next one without a break. After Exercise 6, rest for 2 minutes and repeat the cycle three times.

1 Squat

Stand up and hold a dumbbell over the back of your shoulders, chest up, and abdominal muscles. Bend your hips and knees to squat until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. Push your heels to get up again. Do eight repetitions.

2 lunge

Hold the dumbbell with a solid body in place. Take a big step forward with your left leg and then plunge down until both knees turn 90 degrees. Slide your forefoot to return to the beginning. Change your leading leg and do four repetitions per side.

3 Bended Row

Position the bar so that you hold it in front of your body with both hands and keep your arms straight. Flip from the hips forward, holding your chest upright and back, and roll the dumbbell toward your torso. Then back to the start. Do eight repetitions.

4 Press [Overhead]

Move the bar up to hold it with both hands on the front of your shoulders. Stand up and support your abdominal muscles. Then push the bar straight up until your arms are straight. Back to top. Do ten repetitions.

5 Flaps

Hold a whip bar with shoulder-width grip and cross your feet behind you. Spread your core and buttocks muscles and then pull yourself up until your chin releases the rod. Back to top. Do five repetitions.

6 Triceps dip

Hold the drawbar with your feet crossed. Keep your chest and abdominal and gluteal muscles tight. Then bend your elbows to lower yourself as much as possible. Press back to the beginning. Do five repetitions.

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