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Front Squats Vs. Back Squats

You do not need a catalog of research studies to understand that squat must be a key element of a well-rounded force program. Properly done, squats recruit almost every muscle in their legs. When you are done with a barbell, you challenge your entire upper body, demanding the strength and stability of the core and even the strength of the shoulders and back.

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The big question: Where do you set this bar? Many lifters are surprised, and with good reason. There are two main ways to squat with a barbell: the front squat and the back squat. Everyone has a place in their routine, but learning how and when to use each movement is the key to building the perfect leg program for your goals ̵

1; and the key to learning and making the right squat progress.

In my eleven years as a coach, I've heard many stakes on how and when to use those squats based on myths and Instagram folklore. Which knee bend should you do? To be honest, neither movement is superior; Every squat occupied has strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, you want to be able to do both squats. However, depending on your goals, you can set one priority over the other. Here is a breakdown:

The Squat Breakdown

The barbell squats that most guys in your local gym will do (or try to do) are the back squats. To squat, the pole is loaded into the top of your traps (imagine them as human dumbbell pads) on the neckline. Then just squat down, bend your knees and hips, and work to make sure your knees are not too far off your feet.


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The front squat is a move on the rise, most recently made famous by Crossfit. To do a front squat, load the rod into the fleshy parts of your shoulders in line with your collarbone. Either cross your hands in an "X" to keep them steady (like bodybuilders) or you can push your hands in line with your shoulders under the bar, as is the case with Olympic lifters and Crossfitters. From there you crouch down, just like the back squats.

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Yes, the movements are similar. However, the difference of a few centimeters when loading the bar behind can significantly change the focus of the exercise.

Back Squat for the Force and the Back Chain

  Barbell Back Squats

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When you train to build raw strength and strength, this is the squat that you want to do Reasons. First of all, you can put more weight on the pole when you sit behind the squat than you can with the front squat, and if you're looking for pure strength and power, you have to move as much weight as you can.

The back squat stresses the body in a different way. When the pole is attached to the traps, the weight forces your upper body to lean slightly forward. This puts extra strain on the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, as well as on the muscles in the middle and upper back for more stability. If you are uncomfortable with it, you may have difficulty reaching full hip depth (which means that your hips get under your knees). However, if you feel comfortable with it, the back squat is the best option to build up serious size and strength along your back chain.

Front Squat for Aesthetics and the Quads of the Gods

  Front Squat

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How To Build The Carefully Made-up Legs For bodybuilders, you want to keep your leg muscles as free as possible through the total freedom of movement of the hip and knee joints, stretching and strengthening them with each repetition. And this is best done with front squats.

The frontal load of weight forces the body to sit upright – like any fear of falling flat on your face. If your abdominals and lower back muscles are not shot and you are not focused on leaning back aggressively, you might fall flat on your face. This means you have to focus much closer and closer to the movement.

By leaning back and holding your tibia (s) rather vertically, you get better stretch of the quadriceps, and you need to use them more aggressively to keep you upright. So if you want the bodybuilder's teardrop muscles, you want to give priority to squats in your routine.

Back Squat to Go Heavy

If you want to load the pole as much weight as possible, the back squat is your target. You can place the pole on a larger, more stable surface (these upper traps), and you also attack the thigh muscles and gluteal muscles to drive the lift. These two posterior muscle groups are larger and more powerful than the quads and can help you build power through heavy loads.

Since you can charge it so much, you will trigger a more aggressive hormone response and get plenty of energy also metabolic response. Translation: The back squat is the best option for promoting muscle growth throughout the body (even though the front squat in this section is not too far back).

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Front Squat for Nuclear Power

All this fear of falling to the front of a squat has another advantage: it gives you a torn belly. The only way to make sure that you definitely do not fall on your face is when you sit upright. This high posture forces your core to enter its natural role of protecting your spine.

This will also happen organically, so you do not have to remember to flex your abdominal muscles or anything like that. Squats should also test your core – and they can. Positioning the pole means, however, that you do not have to tax your core muscles as aggressively as you do with the front squats.

Do not forget Goblet Squats

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Both the front squats and the back squats offer a lot of challenges, and, frankly, they do not have any experience in the gym, So, in recent years, a variant of the Front Squat, the Goblet Squat, has become popular, and for me it's the best way for you to start squats, period.

To hold cup squirms, you stop a dumbbell or kettlebell on the chest near your torso If you just have the weight here, similar to the barbell of the barbell, you force your upper body upright there you bend your knees and hips and squat down friendly move that is still a big challenge – great for beginners, but many training veterans make cup squats o. They get a great, safe workout with cup squats, and they help in removing the buck, so you can aggressively attack your squats front and back.

Regardless of the variation, you should take the time to squat in your routine – even if you only do body weight squats. Every squat helps you burn a lot of calories, and all squats allow you to activate your leg muscles, which are among the largest muscles in your body. You want that somewhere in your routine.

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