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From the desk to dinner: make-up tips

The end of the year is approaching and so is the party season, but you look more like a nap than a party-ready. Not all of us have the time to prepare for work or college during the day. But do not worry, because we have you back with this. With just a lipstick and a few other quick tricks and tips, here are some make-up tips that will help you look great and take your eyes off the desk for dinner.

Refresh Your Face

The long hours in your office make you feel drained and your skin is dry. Bring the skin back to life by moisturizing it with a facial mist. Not only does this help your skin feel hydrated, it also makes your makeup application easy.

Make the Eyes Pop

Having spent many hours in front of the computer screen, your eyes are not exactly party ready. Make a smoky look or a brown smoke for a party mood. To get rid of puffy eyes, add a small highlighter to the corners of your eyes and forehead to accentuate your facial features. Put on some eyeliner and fill it with mascara to complete the look.

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Add a small highlight

For a complexion after work, you do not have to go overboard with your skin Highlighter If you place a small highlighter on your cheekbones, the miracle would work. You do not have to go crazy with the highlighter, but if you still want to take a small highlighter and put it on the nose, you get a glamorous look.

A bold lip

If you want to switch from a daytime makeup to a nocturnal look, there is nothing better than a bold lip. Choose a dull lipstick in a bold, bold color. A wiping operation should be sufficient to switch the switch from working mode to party mode.

Bring the Volume Up

Do not be put off by a nice make-up look and look great. If your hair has given you up completely and it seems there is no escape, then the hairspray comes to your rescue. Just turn your head and comb it. Now use a root lifting spray to help fight flat hair.

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Seal the Deal

If you want to look flawless and seem as if you were just rolled out of bed and perfect look, then take a set of spray. An adjustment spray seals your hard work and keeps make-up for a long time. This also prevents spotty make-up from forming in pores and lines. This completes the look and gives you a wet finish.

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