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Four boxing exercises to improve your fitness

You want an example of someone in the best possible physical condition? You want a boxer. Professionals in pre-combat training matches can focus on conditioning as much as time in the ring, and there's a good reason for that. Throwing punches tires you, and in a sport where you win with throwing and landing tackles, the fitter has the upper hand.

When we had the opportunity to speak with boxer Martin Foru at the start of Puma With the new boxing-inspired JAAB XT collection, we asked him and his trainer Daley Perales to share some insider fitness exercises, each adding to his fitness program could add.

Foru started boxing just over eight years ago, after his cousin suggested he try, and he is convinced that it can have a positive impact on everyone. "Boxing is not only physically but also very healthy mentally. It's like a therapy, "he says.

" No excuses, just jump in! "Foru said when we asked him what advice he would give to those who are thinking about boxing." Obviously, some people are afraid to start boxing because they think when they enter the boxing hall, they get into it Face Slapping, but that's not the case as the trainer listens to you, whatever you're going to do, you'll do. "

Martin Forus Boxing Drills

In order to complete the exercises below, you'll need some free space , a partner for two of them and a punching bag and gloves for one of them, assure your future partner that you will not beat him, you just have to call orders to make them easy to convince 40 minutes, depending on your fitness level and the time you assign to rest

Exercise 1
: Corner

Improved: Reaction time, speed, agility [19659009] Equipment: Four different-colored cones (or four different objects)

Place four different-colored cones in a small square. "It does not have to be pins, it can be anything – a bag, a sweater, a bottle," says Foru, "as long as a partner can name four different points."

"Standing in the middle, squat down and run on the spot. Stay focused and as soon as your partner calls out a color, jump over and touch them, then return to the center.

Work one minute at a time and then switch with your partner. Complete between three and five sentences.

Drill 2: Pyramidal Stamp

Improved: Endurance

Equipment: Punching Bag, Boxing Gloves

This is a burnout. It increases your heart rate and should also cause your heart rate Arms burn.

Pull up the glove and look at the bag. Start with a 1: 2 combination of straight strokes, then a 1: 2, 3: 4 combination, then six straight strokes, then eight, then ten. Invert this pattern and complete the One Two Jab Cross.

"When you're just starting, you're in boxing position – one foot in front, one foot back," says Foru, "but you can also do it with high knees parallel to the sack."

If you have the Pyramid of straight shots, repeat the pattern for beginners, but with an uppercut, give yourself one minute each, then rest for a minute, or let your partner try and work with you. [19659007] Drill 3: Circular Cone

Improved: Footwork, Agility, Reaction Time

Equipment: Eight to Ten Cones

Place the cones in a rather large circle, so big It will take you about eight to ten seconds to walk around, then begin to circle them with side steps and point to the center, and if your partner says "change," you change the direction you move in a circle should auc h Call punch combinations. When this happens, step into the circle, take your stance and throw the punches.

Walk for a minute or two at a time and then swap. Goals every five to ten minutes.

Drill 4: Push Eight

Improved: Muscle Stamina, Heart, Strength

Equipment: None

Push Eight is an eight-exercise circuit that guarantees you will sweat in the end. It does not require any equipment, but a lot of determination. Do each exercise for one minute and then continue to the next one. What about a rest period? "I'm a professional fighter, so he [my coach] will not stop me," says Foru. "But if there are people who have not boxed before, you can train, rest, exercise, rest."

1 Speed ​​Beat

Stand in your posture and throw the minute continuously with straight strokes.

2 High Knees

Run on the spot and bring your knees to your hip with each stride.

19659030] Stand shoulder-width apart with your feet. Squat down and then jump explosively through your heels into a jump. Throw some straight blows out of the air and then land gently.

4 Power Jack

Put your feet hip-width apart and your arms at your sides. Spread your feet shoulder width apart and raise your arms over your head. Jump back to the starting position, squat and repeat.

5 Burpee

Get your hands on your feet, jump back with your feet, push up, jump your feet back into your hands, then jump straight up.

6 Mountaineers

In the top position where you are pushed up, drive one knee towards the chest and then the other. Proceed with the knees in the step.

7 Press

Reach out to all fours with outstretched arms and hands under shoulders, with your body forming a straight line from the shoulders to the heels. Bend your elbows to drop your chest to the floor, then push back hard.

8 Crunch

Lie on your back, knees bent and feet on the floor. Lift your shoulders and the upper half of your torso until you feel a stretch in the upper part of the abdominal muscles, then lower them back to the beginning.

The new JAAB XT collection is available at puma.com. 19659046]
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