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Fitness Transformation helps man build a six-pack and build muscle

Michael Ashford's life changed when he saw a photo of him on the beach looking at a man who looked unhealthy. Resident in Denver, Colorado, he campaigned for a new diet and exercise program, and managed to build 30 pounds of muscle – not to mention a six-pack. That's his story.

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The Basics [19659006] Starting weight: ~ 130 pounds
  • Weight gain : ~ 30 pounds of muscle since starting my fitness journey 6.5 years ago
  • Age: 34 [19659009] "Skinny was just my body type", Ashford says about the way he grew up.
  • "I've always been the scrawny kid blessed with the metabolism of a desert jackrabbit (thanks mom and dad, ha!)). I was also a runner-up in high school and had the corpse to prove it. That's why I did not really have to try to be skinny … I could eat whatever I wanted and it really would not affect me. Despite all this, Skinny is not necessarily all right.

    His fitness trip began in 2012 with a photo on the beach.

    "I took my wife and baby son on a business trip to Ocean City, Maryland, and after I finished working one day, we left Family at the beach. As we walked along the beach and played in the waves, my wife walked in front of me and my son and took a picture of us. "

      fitness transformation

    Michael Ashford

    " When my wife showed me this picture of holding my son's hand on the beach, something snapped inside me. In this picture I not only saw how unhealthy I looked, but how unhealthy I felt. And I felt the weight of responsibility that I was now the husband and father of a family that depended on me to be there for them. "

    At first Ashford felt embarrassed," that I lacked any kind of muscle definition whatsoever. "

    " But more than that, I was impressed with the reality that when it came to my health and fitness, I just passed by and my family earned more from me. I vowed at this moment I dedicated myself to a consciously active and active lifestyle for the sake of my and my family's sake.

      fitness transformation

    Michael Ashford

    He wasted no time getting started.

    "As soon as we got home from this business trip to Ocean City, I went to a gym and immediately started 5-6 days during the week. I started a pretty straightforward bodybuilding program, especially to add muscle mass.

    Ashford also changed his diet.

    "I changed my diet, both for health reasons (gluten intolerance) and from the awareness that I realized it. How much of our health depends directly on how we Recharge our body with the food we consume. That was tough because I grew up in the Midwest off Kansas City, where Comfort Food is the norm. Casseroles Much cheese. Fried and breaded everything . And of course … Grill in Kansas City. My diet is based on a simple concept: Eat Food. Eat as close to their natural state as possible. The fresher, the better. And if it came from a box or a can, I would think twice about putting it in my body.

    At the beginning of his fitness transformation, Ashford needed to learn how to balance his time.

    I was a husband and a new dad – I now have two wonderful, beautiful children and have been happily married for eleven years – and I had a full-time job with a software company, and I knew I would have to live to do this work an unbalanced life, that is, I had to cut or reduce things in my life that did not match my goals, and I did my non-negotiable things – things that I would not sacrifice, such as my time with my The evening family was not negotiable, so I got up earlier and sacrificed some sleep to get to the gym in the morning. "

      fitness transformation [19659014] Michael Ashford

    "I started seeing real visual results, probably after about ten months," says Ashfor d.

    "I was on another business trip, and this time I was at the pool in Phoenix, Arizona, and had another photo taken in. On this picture, I noticed that I actually had shoulders and that my chest was lightly dressed were minor, but for me it was all the evidence that I had to prove to myself that I was on the right path. "

    These days he is a big fan of total body training.

    "Usually a whole body workout starts with a couple of staple lifts with variations of squats, deadlifts and presses, then I'll knock out a few exercises per body part to hit the entire major muscle groups for a few sets, I'm always anxious to do it not to exaggerate, and I move quickly to let the blood flow.

    "I also love Superset workouts, such as the coupling of chest and back, or the coupling of a forceful (heavy) squat) with a force movement (dumbbell jumps ). And I LOVE leg day. Some of the biggest changes I experienced physically were when I started my legs twice a week. "

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    He also sets goals outside the gym.

    "I want to be fit, not just muscular, so I love to hike – I hiked three 14,000-foot mountains in 2018 and plan to make at least four more in 2019 – and I love obstacle racing like Warrior Dash and Spartan, I still keep running from time to time. "

      " I'm a more self-confident person I've ever been, "Ashford says now.

      "I'm at a good point with my fitness, I'm happy, as I said, I want to be fit and healthy in every way, and that's why I keep changing things, keeping me on tiptoe and giving me something New to shoot. "

      He wants other guys to know that they can change their bodies as well.

      When I did my own fitness transformation and saw the positive effects on my life and the life of my family, I felt attracted to help other men – especially fathers – experience the same. That's why I started FitDadFitness.com and the Fit Dad Fitness podcast. I want fathers to lead an active, committed and healthy life with their children, and I think that fitness can be a fantastic foundation to keep families together.

      Look at Ashford's # 16 Goals of Fitness:

      1. Commit – For Yourself The Process
      2. Work Hard – Just because it's tough does not mean that it's not worth it
      3. Endurance – Do not let setbacks beat you
      4. Improve – Every day is an opportunity to get better
      5. Be hard – Intellectual and physical
      6. Be self-disciplined – Make Do it yourself when no one is watching
      7. Make a big effort – Give it your best every time
      8. Be excited – Engage your health and fitness with passion
      9. Positive – Negativity or fear are counterproductive
      10. Be Accountable – be honest with yourself and others
      11. Do not accept giving up – If you do this once, it will be easy for the rest of your life [19659043] Do not be self-limiting – expect more from di r
      12. Do not take shortcuts – Do it the first time, every time
      13. Be consistent – do it until you can. become who you are
      14. Challenge yourself – limit the limits of what you consider capable
      15. Be responsible – you are responsible for your performance

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