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First run in the redesigned Adidas UltraBoost

Get to know the new Boost, which is not the same as the old Boost for the first time. Since Adidas launched the original UltraBoost in 2015, it has largely agreed to tinker with the formula rather than revise it with each new issue. That's right up to UltraBoost 19, where Adidas made some significant changes to the shoe.

This starts with the 20% more boost foam in the midsole, which Adidas did without increasing the weight of the shoe (310 g) Men's size 8.5 UK). The shoe top has also been redesigned and the Primeknit 360 socks sit on top of the Boost foam, which completely covers the foot.

Also the metatarsal cage has been changed, which will delight many runners, especially those who wanted this The original UltraBoost was cut off the plastic because he felt uncomfortable. The UltraBoost 1

9 replaced the cage with a translucent mesh that locks the foot without imposing itself.

What really matters is, of course, what those changes mean in terms of your running experience in the shoe. We asked Anne Nebendahl, the world's leading design director, what runners could expect from UltraBoost 19.

"When you step on it, the fit of the Primeknit 360 is a great experience," says Nebendahl. "It really feels like a sock, plus you get extra thrust through the torsion bar and more boost in the middle zone."

This torsion bar is designed to take a little snapshot and transition at every step accelerates heel to toe while running. The UltraBoost was never featherweight but due to the jump in the boost midsole, he always felt lighter than his weight. This has been the case since our first run on the UltraBoost 19, which is probably supported by this torsion bar. We'll be getting a full briefing on the shoe shortly, but our first impression is that the ride is firmer than previous UltraBoost shoes, and the fit of the upper material feels both safer and more comfortable.

The UltraBoost 19 was introduced in a limited edition of Laser Red, priced at £ 159.95. This is already out of print on the Adidas website. Other limited edition colors are on their way before the UltraBoost 19 is fully launched on February 21, 2019.

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