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Fez is the best character in HBO's "Euphoria"

Spoiler down for episode 7 of Euphoria. Do not read on if you have not seen it yet.

• In the penultimate episode of Euphoria "The trials and difficulties of peeing during depression", the character Fez was strongly represented.
• The character has represented the duality throughout the season that the show wants to show so often.
Fes is a lot of things – he could also be the best character in the series.

There are some characters on Euphoria that stand out from others. Obviously, there is Zendayas Rue, the unreliable narrator and central protagonist who holds the whole story together. There's Jules, one of the best LGBTQ + characters of late, and Nate, a violent villain who gets less likely every week. But the seventh episode has cemented something that has been fermenting for the duration of the series so far: Fez, the drug dealer with a heart of gold played by Angus Cloud, is the best character in the series. We are all Team Fez.

Fes was present all year long ̵

1; from the moment he was introduced in the first episode of Euphoria we knew what we were getting into. He's a drug dealer, but that's clearly a necessity and not a choice. He's taking care of Rue, and as she returns fresh from rehab, announcing her plans to stay clean, he appears appropriately concerned. That Fez is so pure of heart and purpose while he is still a drug dealer in the world of the show (it is said that he is a drop-out) is an ingenious commentary on the systematic problems that lead to drug use as a remedy to insert a life.

"The trials and difficulties of peeing during the Depression" (a sip of a title for Euphoria s seventh episode), is the heaviest episode that Fez ever had , He has already reconciled with Rue (after helping her a few episodes earlier to stay away from opiates) and is looking for her. He knows Jules is important to Rue and wants to keep an eye on these two. When Nate, who is now "confirmed" by his blackmail indictment for Tyler, enters his shop, he sets the law.

When Fez expresses his concern about Nate, Nate claps back like the idiot he is. And then Fes seamlessly sets the best three lines in a row that the show has seen to this point: = "https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/screen-shot- 2019-07-29-at-10-13-46-am-1564409948.png? Crop = 0.8376216968011126xw: 1xh; center, top & resize = 480: * "/>


  Fes euphoria HBO Angus cloud best sign


  Fes Hbo euphoria Angus cloud best sign


People, I think we can finish the contest after that: "It will be 5, $ 75 "Playboy" must be the best thing anyone on the screen ever said after threatening to kill a villain. Ever. Cloud does not have much experience as an actor – in fact, Euphoria is listed in his IMDB as his first on-screen role – but he sells hell out of this sequence.

Behind this big episode (and I'm sure we'll come back to his background story someday) there are concerns about what's going to happen to Fes. As is often the case when he feels threatened or worried, Nate called the Fez police and had him and the ashtray crawl to clear out all their drug evidence. We'll see where next week will lead, but it does not look good for our favorite drummer.

It is safe to say that it is Fez – and not Rue – who best captures the idea of ​​what euphoria really is. It's the duality his character possesses – he's certainly a drug dealer, but he has a moral code that shows he really cares about his friend. In another world, he may not be a drug dealer – he may be another profession worth living by, and external factors are damned. But this is the hand given to him, and therefore he decides to lean in. And that's what Euphoria so often tries to present: that there are more teenage girls than their labels. Rue is so much more than "the girl, the OD". Jules is so much more than "the new girl". Nate is much more than "the rich jock" so . And the list goes on and on.

And Fes may have a sharper duality than anyone else. And at this point, the fact that we do not know his backstory actually speaks for Euphoria . We do not know what kind of background Fez is coming from. We do not know if he was in Juvie or in prison. When he asks Nate to leave Rue and Jules alone or face the consequences, we have no choice but to declare him at face value.

Nothing on Euphoria is worth its face value, as we've learned so clearly so far. But it's the multidimensionality here, the fact that we know so much and so little about the character that makes it so compelling.

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