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Fat Loss Workouts: Four circuits to flash your stomach

If you want to change your spare tire, sometimes it's tempting to make things too complicated by trying to be smart with your training. But as with most things in life, simplicity is the secret to achieving real results. And this is the case with these fat burning circles: a 20-minute and 15-minute barbell complex, a three-minute finisher and a 12-minute kettlebell circuit.

20-Minute Barbell Fat-Loss Training

If you want to get the maximum fat loss from a barbell, you want the metal to move. The larger the range of motion, the more work your body does. Therefore, the movements in this circuit will shift the load from low to high above your head. The lower body movements begin with a squat, move to a unilateral movement, and end with another squat variation. For the overhead work, use two versions of the behind-the-neck press. This means that the bar can stay on its back during the entire stretch and then end with a movement that is much more subtle but hits a new muscle group (and also targets your grip strength). The good news is that you drop the bar leave as soon as you are done. Well, for three minutes. Have fun!

How to Complete the Workout

Perform the six dumbbell exercises in sequence, following the specified repetitions. Do not rest until you have completed all the repetitions of the sixth and final movement of the racetrack. Then rest for three minutes and repeat the cycle. Perform three or four shifts in total.

Back Squat

Reps 10 Rest 0sec

Stand shoulder-width on the back and grab your abdominal muscles Bend your knees and hips simultaneously to lower until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then push them back up.

2 Rear-of-the-Neck Press

Reps 10 Rest 0sec [19659008] Stand with your shoulders apart and place the bar on your back. Hold your elbows directly under the bar, push the weight over your head until your arms are locked, and lower yourself back to the beginning.

3 lungs

Reps 5 Legs per leg Rest 0sec [19659008] Stand with your feet narrower than shoulder width, place the bar on your back and rest your abdominal muscles , Take a big step forward, bend both knees, hold the front knee above the forefoot and push it back to the beginning.

4 Push behind the neck

Reps 10 Rest 0sec

Start with the ledge on the back. Tie your abdominal muscles and then lower them into a quarter squat while looking forward. Rise up and push the bar straight up until your arms are locked. Use the leg drive to add some momentum to the movement.

5 Thruster

Reps 10 Rest 0sec

Rest the bar at the front of your shoulders and lower it to squat forward, holding your upper body upright. Ride your legs to sit up and use this impulse to move the bar straight over your head until your arms are stretched out.

6 Shrug

Reps 6 on each side Rest 3min

Standing tall with hip-footed feet holding the dumbbell in front of the thighs with slightly recessed shoulder blades. Increase your trapezius muscles by pressing your shoulders to your ears. Break up, then under control.

15-Minute Barbell Fat Reduction Training

There is no way to lose fat. You could do a very long, slow run – that would help you lose fat, but you would also lose a lot of time. Or you could try water aerobics – that would also help you lose fat, but you would also lose some dignity. Our suggestion is that you take a barbell and make this circuit. It starts with you laying the bar on your back, and it ends pretty much the same way. In between, you need to perform five different movements to increase your heart rate, forcing your heart and lungs to work harder. You'll also be training pretty much every muscle in your lower body and a few muscles in your upper body, which means you'll add strength and size as you lean – and it only takes about 15 minutes. So, go ahead and try it. You have nothing to lose except this spare tire.

How to Complete the Workout

Perform the five exercises in sequence and follow the detailed reps without restraining yourself until you have completed all the repetitions of the fifth and final turn of the car circuit. Pause for two minutes, then repeat the cycle. Perform a total of three circuits. As you progress, you can add another circuit or add weight to the pole.

1 reverse step (right leg)

Reps 8 Rest 0sec

Get up straight with the bar on your back. Take a big step backward with your right leg until your back knee is just above the floor and your front knee is bent 90 degrees. Press through your forefoot to return to the start.

This is a true coordination test. To keep your balance, you should keep your head still and look your eyes forward.

2 Press behind the neck press

Reps 10 Pause 0sec

Hold the bar over your back with a double shoulder-width handle. Lower into a quarter squat, then explode upwards to push the weight directly over the head. Lower the rod back to the beginning and repeat the train without pause.

3 Back Squat

Reps 10 Rest 0sec

Place the rod on the upper back and then bend to lower the hips and waistline at the same time until the thighs parallel to the ground are. Make sure your knees stay in line with your toes. Then press back to start.

If you have difficulty squatting deeply, this is a sign of poor hamstring movement. Do some movement and stretching so you can get deeper into the movement.

4 Reverse Longe (left leg)

Reps 8 Rest 0sec

Get up with the bar on your back. Take a big step backwards with your left leg until your back knee is just above the floor and your front knee is bent 90 °. Slide your forefoot to return to the start.

5 Good Morning

Reps 8 Rest 2min

Start with the bar on your back. Bend your knees slightly and push your back to the back to fold at the hips and lower your upper body until you feel a strong stretch in your thigh muscles. Then return to the start and push your buttocks muscles at the top.

Three-Minute Fat-Burning Circuit

Here's the fat burner that this fitness model and its online trainer Alex Crockford (19459034) use to cover star shape. The movements act on the entire body and use force, strength and conditioning movements that make each muscle fiber twitch and keep the heart rate high enough to burn the calories after you're done.

How do I do the training

Set a timer for three minutes. Do all the repetitions of Exercises 1 through 4 and then as many repetitions as possible of good-natured burpees until the time runs out. Pause for 60 seconds, then repeat the entire process for two to four sets. Keep track of the total number of burpees you are performing. Next time you hit it.

1 pull-up

Reps 5

Hold the pole with an overhand grip. Pull your shoulder blades back to activate the upper back muscles. Spread your core and pull it up until your chin is over the bar. Lower control. To fight Jump to the top position and then slowly lower

2 box jump

Reps 10

Lowering in a quarter squat, then explode to jump and land on the box. Bend your legs to cushion your landing. Get up and step back.

3 Barbell Thruster

Reps 15

Squat down and keep your chest straight, your back straight and your heels weight down. Drive up powerfully and push the weight overhead.

4 kettlebell swing

Reps 20

Drive your hips forward to start the swing. When lowering, fold at the hips by pushing your glutes back. If you feel a stretch in your thigh muscles, push your hips forward vigorously.

5 Burpee


Drop yourself into a crouch. Jump your feet back to a print position. Jump your feet forward again, jump up and jump. Pro Tip: Breathe in and out on the way down as you jump back up.

12-Minute Kettlebell Fat-Removal Training

A kettlebell provides phenomenal fat-burning options that move your muscles as they were intended to – as one, for real-world function. This cycle will help you move better and look good.

This workout could not be easier to follow, lasts only 12 minutes, boosts your heart rate and lets your body burn fat stores for hours. & # 39; You undressed your coaches.

This racetrack begins with three multi-articulated lifts to train your main muscle groups, especially your legs, glutes, and core, and your heart rate gets high. Then come two one-sided (one arm) movements to increase the strain on the shoulders, chest, and arms to build muscle mass. The result? A bigger, stronger and slimmer you.

How to Train Training

Use a kettlebell that is light enough to perform all repetitions of all moves with good form, yet heavy enough to be challenging. A 12 kg bell is suitable for beginners or 16 kg for advanced users. Perform the five moves in sequence and follow the detailed iterations. At the end of the circuit, rest for 90 seconds and repeat for a total of four circuits. For balanced reinforcements, use the left arm to perform one-way movements in circuits 1 and 3, and your right arm in circuits 2 and 4.

1 Swing

  Kettlebell Swing "title =" Kettlebell Swing "/> </div>
<p><strong>  Reps </strong> 20 </p>
<p>  Drive your hips forward to push the kettlebell off of your body to start the swing. When you lower the bell, fold it at the hips, by pushing your buttocks backwards With the hamstrings, you move your hips forward and let the kettlebell rise to head height. </p>
<h4>  Goblet Squat </h4>
<div id=
  Goblet Squat "/> </div>
<p><strong>  Reps </strong> 20 </p>
<p>  With both hands, hold the kettlebell by the handle in front of the chest and keep the elbows close to the body. Keep your chest upright as you squat down and keep your knees wide open. Drive to the stand. </p><div><script async src=

3 Changing the lunge with the chest press

  Changing the lunge with the chest press "title =" Changing the lunge with the chest press "/> </div>
<p><strong>  Repeats </strong> 10 on each side [19659008] Hold the bell firmly Drive the handle near your chest and take a big step forward in a lunge Step Lower the back knee to the floor, pushing the bell forward so that yours Arms parallel to the ground stand the motion to start Alternative Legs </p>
<h4>  4 Clean and press </h4>
<div id=
  Clean and press

Reps 10

With the bell in one hand, swivel it in a similar way to the two-arm swing, but pull the elbow into your body, bend your legs and bend the weight at the top of your forearm at shoulder height, then drive up and flip the bell over your head Repeat all reps with one arm and then swap pages in the next cycle.

5 One-arm swing

  One-arm swing "title =" One-arm swing "/> </div>
<p><strong>  Reps </strong> 10 </p>
<p>  After the last cleansing and pushing, continue into the one-armed swing, pushing your hips forward to generate the impulse to raise the bell at eye level </p>
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