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Fashion accessories to keep you warm this winter

  Fashion accessories to keep you warm this winter

Quick Bites

  • Beanies are an absolute winter accessory
  • Add a scarf to keep you warm and still look chic

Who says you have to give up just because winter is here. These little things are important at this time of the year. You can not leave your house without it, as it is terribly cold there. Here are some cute fashion accessories that will help you look fashionable, but keep you warm.


Beanies are an absolute winter accessory that will allow you to outfit a simple outfit and make it look great in no time. There are many ways to wear a hat. If it's a classic beanie, wear it over your forehead and cover your ears. Keep it simple so your hair looks uncomplicated. The easiest way is to keep your hair open and then wear a cap over it.

Ankle Scarves

Ever since the image of people wearing scarves on their ankles became public, it has become a trend. A mini scarf around the ankle is enough to achieve this look. There are no "ankle scarves" available on the market, but you should wear your usual scarf at the ankle.

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Warm socks

For this classic winter accessory that only requires spice socks, there are socks in a hundred different Designs make you trendy in no time. The best winter socks are made of thick material with thermal properties and can also adapt to the foot shape. They keep you warm in winter and keep the moisture away from the skin to prevent unpleasant odors and painful blisters.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protectors are ideal for cold weather as you stay warm and warm water is a fun way to make a bit of style statement. You can be your perfect companion this season. They simply wrap around the back of the head and are super warm and comfortable to wear.

Cozy slippers

Winter is here, as are cold feet. To counteract this situation, it is important to wear cozy slippers to keep your feet warm. There is nothing better than to slip your feet in these furry, warm slippers. In addition, they are stylish, warm and comfortable to wear.

Knee socks

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This classic schoolgirl style is amazing to wear and keep warm. Knee socks are easy to peel off if you know exactly how to wear them to make them look chic and not messy. When wearing knee socks, be sure to keep the top half conservative. Do not wear too short objects. You can also put knee socks over leggings and high boots.

Cute gloves

Depending on the cold, you can opt for gloves or gloves. These will cover your hands and act as a barrier that will retain some heat before being exposed to the cold. In cold temperatures, these warm accessories are the best choice for warmth.

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Written by: Arushi Bidhuri

Source: Onlymyhealth Editorial Staff January 3, 2019

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