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Fall asleep faster with the simple breathing technique ‘4-7-8’

Top view of young man lying asleep in bed

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There are few things that are as frustrating as not being able to fall asleep, especially when you have a big day ahead and need your rest. In a recently released YouTube video, Doctor Jo, a licensed physiotherapist and physician for physiotherapy, demonstrated a simple breathing exercise that she recommends to her customers to count the blanket or sheep.

She calls it the “4-7-8” technique, which is to inhale for 4 seconds, hold that breath for 7 seconds, and then exhale for 8 seconds.

“If you breathe in, breathe in gently and normally through your nose, then hold it for 7 seconds,” she explains. “Then when you exhale, you’ll clean your lips and make a rustling sound when you exhale, so it’s a pretty powerful breath for those 8 seconds, and sometimes you may not make it to the 8 seconds, but the more you do, the more you can get there. “

Jo advises lying on your back during this exercise, even if you normally sleep on your side to take full advantage.

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“When you start, you will probably only want to do 2 to 4 reps, but eventually you will work your way up to maybe 8,” she says. “If you do this first, it can be difficult to determine this pattern, but in the end it will really help you fall asleep faster. The first few steps will take some practice. Keep working on it and make sure you are.” safe and convenient. ”

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