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F3 group training for men

It's 5:30 on a Monday in St. Louis, the sun is not even a rumor, and I join a dozen men in a free outdoor training group called F3 to collect what we do all hope is a glorious beating

In a public park, we circle around Jason Grothe (nickname F3: Ringer), who has promised to make our lives unhappy for the next 45 minutes. He will grunt and groan next to us – a core principle of F3 is that the rotating volunteer leaders who perform the training also suffer.

Ringer's playlist begins with Frankie Goes and Hollywood's "Relax." The first sound is the jumps. Burpee Box jumps and planks follow. Sweat obscures the concrete under a 58-year-old nickname Honey Pot because he's a beekeeper and steam emanates a 36-year nickname, Sheldon. "Did not cheat the man in the mirror," someone says. Wind suck, I do not answer. That would be insincere: I think unkind thoughts about wrestlers.

What is F3?

Men across the country, with an estimated 20,000 active participants, are calling for this misery. Think of it as a hyperpositive fight club and hipper YMCA. It gives you up to 1

5 supportive guys with every workout. To sign up, simply log in to the organization's website. Find one of the 1,500 free F3 workouts held each morning in 30 states and immerse yourself in conditioning and community. The workouts are usually boot-camp style (reflecting the military background of one of their co-founders) and they take place outdoors, during rain or shine. Occasionally there are ashes, kettlebells or rucksacks on the menu. Mostly it's just you versus your body weight.

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David Redding (a former Green Beret) and Tim Whitmire (a former journalist) founded F3 eight years ago when their group was founded Training course became too crowded Redding used military expressions for the exercises and hoped to see ten men this morning, January 1, 2011. But after sending their friends by e-mail to the Morning Burners, 35 men appeared on the scene Parking on a Charlotte, North Carolina, Middle School.

F3 quickly became more than fitness – the other two F s stood for fellowship and faith.

Whitmire and Redding attended the same Episcopalian church Years, but hardly knew each other before they started training together, Redding, Whitmire, and other F3 men I talked to, to know that it is F Faith becomes somewhat skeptical They insist that the point is not what you believe in as long as you believe in something beyond your self. All people, regardless of religious beliefs, are welcome. During six training sessions in several places, I do not hear any proselytizing work.

How F3 Makes Better Men

Redding and Whitmire discovered that F3 solved two problems – a lack of deep relationships between men and the renunciation of men's leadership roles – that they initially did not want to solve. The group is just men, but it does not just get men in shape. The fact that they are only guys feels like a relapse and at the same time offers a different dynamic. (There is also F3 for women, FIA.)

Redding believes that men think that their relationships and friendships can not withstand a deeper reflection. F3 frees them from what he calls "sad-Clownish bondage" – a soprano indication that he was happy from the outside and sad from the inside, giving them an instant network of swindlers. It provides a good time for men so that the men can concentrate on each other.

I quickly realize that these are both workouts and social gatherings. After my first training, I know that I get my own F3 nickname. I just hope that mine do not suck. F3 nicknames are consistently stupid, often either a game with your name (last name Painter, nickname Drop Cloth) or something from your background (I meet a Ohio State fan nicknamed Schembechler after the legendary Ohio coach) ,

The guys in my session ask me about my most embarrassing life moment. Then I listen to them as I tell them during a tennis match in high school. That's how I get my nickname: Ralph.

If this is your first time, call the F3 vets FNG (friendly new guy). But you feel like one of the guys. And when you fight shoulder to shoulder with pistol strokes
and push-ups with honey pot, you can not help but belong to them.

Finding Trust in F3

A few times I've tried to save, and once again, I almost experience high school tennis again. But I keep going, partly because somebody (I'm not sure who it is because I erase pushups) mumbling more encouragement. When we've reached three minutes of planking, the 45-minute workout is almost over, my hair is dull, and my shirt is soaked.

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The Circle of Trust.

Jeremy M. Lange

Each F3 training ends with a" Circle of Trust "highlighting the third F Faith: Participants count down and say their name, age and F3 nickname, the leader remembers upcoming workouts and other community events and concludes with a moment of reflection – usually a prayer or a quote it is about love, a reference to 1 Corinthians 13: Love is patient, love is kind, she does not envy, she does not boast, she is not proud.

And I am no FNG anymore. Two days later (yes, I'm back), I'm officially Ralph.

Six minutes from Mary

F3's notorious no-mercy burner is not for the faint-hearted. Work through the following circuit and spend 24 seconds each with every int erval.

0:00 Little Baby Crunch

Sit on your back in a sit-up position, lift your chest and squeeze the abdominal muscles. That's a repeat.

0:24 Slow Flutter

Lie on your back, raise your straight legs about 2 feet above the ground, and flick them back and forth. Take two seconds to complete each flutter.

0:48 Rest

1:12 Low Flutter

Lie on your back and raise your straight legs 6 inches above the ground. Flutter them back and forth and never let them touch the ground.

1:36 Low Scissors

Lie on your back, raise your straight legs about 5 cm above the ground, and take turns shuffling over each other.

2:00 Rest

2:24 High scissors

Lie on your back, raise your straight legs 2 feet above the ground and take turns Scissors on top of each other.

2:48 Canoe

F3 version of a modified V-Up. Begin to lie on your back, arms and legs stretched out, only a few inches above the ground. Harness your knees and arms, then return to the beginning. This is 1 repetition.

3:12 Rest

3:36 Heels to Heaven

F3 version of a rectilinear reverse crunch. Lie on your back and stretch your legs up (to the sky). Tighten your abdominal muscles, push your legs higher and lift your lower back off the floor. Return to top This is a repeat.

4:00 Plank tool

Begin in a forearm plank with your feet touching. Then jump your feet wide and then back to the starting position. That's a repeat.

4:24 Plank

Hold a forearm plank for 24 seconds.

4:48 Rest

5:12 WWII situp

F3 version of an upright leg.

5:36 Oblique Crunch

6:00 End

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