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Explained the end of "Stranger Things 3" and answered the questions

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the entire third season of Stranger Things . If you have not seen, why are you here? Stop reading!

Stranger Things 3 has unfortunately come and gone.
But how did the third season end?
We divulge what happened and what it might mean in the following.

Man, it's wild, how eight hours can fly, if they are here and there full of excitement, horror, humor and a few tears, right? So, Stranger Things 3 may be history, but it will live on our Netflix account for all the follow-up checks that everyone's heart desires. But let's talk about the end of season three for a moment, and take a moment to think about everything that happened there in the end.

So how did Stranger Things 3 end?

Well, that's hard to express simple, but to make it short: after all the major character groups have finally met (Steve / Robin / Dustin / Erica, Mike / Will / Elf / Max / Lucas, Nancy / Jonathan and Hopper / Joyce / Murray at Starcourt Mall teamed up to take on different roles in the fight against Mind Flayer, which was disabled when the boys attacked it with fireworks, but was eventually killed as Joyce and Hopper they managed to turn the knobs that turned off the Russians' upside down machine, and the key to the machine, as we learned from Alexei (RIP) at the beginning of the season, was Planck's Constant, a very big one Specific number from the world of mathematics After Murray had misplaced a digit, Dustin managed to get the number correctly from his (very real) girlfriend from the Summer Science Camp, Suzie.

Ku sp. Owens (Paul Reiser's character from season 2) with a men's team on. He knows everything about Upside Down, so it should certainly help with research and clarification in the future, but right now it does not seem to help anyone too much when it comes to the actual inference.

After this exam is complete, we will take some time later. After Hopper's presumed death after switching off the machine (more on that later), Eleven now lives with Joyce, Will, and Jonathan ̵

1; they are about to give up their house and prepare for the move. Elfens forces are no longer effective – she can not even reach a teddy bear from the top shelf of the cabinet and needs Mike to get him for her.

In a montage we hear about Hop's supposed death in a 'fire', but we know it has something to do with the wrong machine. We see Robin and Steve, now very platonic friends, but still friends trying to find a job in the video business where Keith (last season's arcade companion) is now working.

We also see Mayor Kline, the corrupt mayor of this season, arrested and removed from office. Not long after, Joyce tells Eleven the letter Hop and Mike wanted to read to her at the beginning of the season, and perhaps the most emotional and heartbreaking moment of the season. As the car drives away from Byers, the third season comes to an end.

If you feel like shedding one or six more tears, look at the full text from Hopper's Letter:

There's something I wanted to talk to both of you about. I know that this is a difficult conversation, but you both care deeply about me. And I know that you care a lot about each other and that's why it's important that we push those boundaries so that we can create an environment where we all feel good, trust and are open to sharing our feelings.


Feelings .

Jesus. The truth is that I had forgotten what it was for so long. I'm stuck in one place. In a cave you could say. A deep, dark cave. And then I left some Eggos out in the forest and you came into my life. For the first time in a long time, I started to feel things again. I started to feel happy. But lately I felt away from you. As if you were withdrawing from me or something. I miss playing board games every night, doing Triple Decker Eggo extravaganzas at sunrise and watching westerns together before falling asleep.

But I know that you are getting older, growing and changing. I think if I'm honest, it scares me. I do not want things to change. Maybe that's why I came here to stop this change. Turn the clock back. To make things the way they were. But I know that's naive. That's not how life works. It's on the move, always on the move, whether you like it or not. And yes, sometimes it is painful. Sometimes it is sad. And sometimes it is surprising. Happy.

Do you know what? Continue to grow child. Do not let me stop you. Make mistakes, learn from them. If life hurts you because it hurts, remember the pain. The pain is good. It means you are out of this cave. But please, if you do not mind, leave the door three inches open for your poor old father.

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I understand So, who died in this season?

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Billy in this season after seeing the chain of Experiencing events that caused Billy to end up in an endless cycle of mistreatment, he came out of Mind Flayer's possession and turned around to face the huge monster now made up of a huge pile of humans and humans Rat Meat, rather than the second season's Shadow Composition – and held it back long enough to save some of the other children's lives ayer stuck his pointed tentacle a ton in Billy and he was killed.

We've also lost Alexei the Russian scientist / Slurpee lover who helped Hopper, Joyce and Murray find out the plans of the Russian with their machine .He was so happy at the show, but was eventually dismissed by the Schalldämpferp istole shot of russian terminator guy. RIP sweet Alexei.

When he spoke of this Russian Terminator, he was a hassle for everyone in the scene, but was finally worried in the final, when Hopper defeated him in a fight and threw him into the very fast-moving corridors of the Russians & # 39; Upside-down machine. The Russian Terminator was sprayed in shards.

Hopper appeared to die in the explosion shortly after shipping with the Russian Terminator when Joyce had to turn the key to turn off the machine and close the gate. But more on that later.

We also lost some minor characters along the way, mostly humans who were possessed by Mind Flayer and burned themselves in fleshy shards – especially the sexist Hawkins Post employees who worked with Nancy and Jonathan. It was not clear if the people who had this happened were brought back to life. So right now we can assume that they are not eligible for the count.

Oh. Yikes. Is there any hope that someone can return?

Now, as far as our actual characters are concerned, it seems certain that Billy, Alexei and the Russian Terminator will not return. According to the TV rule, one can only assume that someone is actually dead when one sees the body or sees it die. We have seen all these deaths first-hand.

That is, we do not see Hoppers body nor do we see anything happening to it. We only see the episodes and a newspaper clipping announcing his death. Hmmm.

Was there anything during or after the credits?

Yes. After the first charge of credit, we are taken to a prison in Russia, where there are shady businesses. We see two guards with subtitles and one goes to a door: "No, not the American," the other security guard tells him as they instead enter the next cell below and grab a bearded prisoner. This bearded prisoner is not long for this earth – it soon turns out that these Russians have their own Demogorgon and that the Demogorgon, we suppose, eats this bearded prisoner.

How did you get the Demogorgon? Maybe just like her – "the American". Given that we have not seen a body, it would make sense that this American is a hoppier, and some people whose opinion is important think so too.

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