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Exercises for lower body weight that are not squats or lunges

In lower body exercises, you may feel stale after training or feel the same training – especially when it comes to bodyweight exercises (ie squats, lunges, squats, repetitive lunges). This could be the reason why you see no results. Fortunately, there are many lower body weight exercises that change the way you sweat and see results, (more evidence: why your butt looks the same, no matter how many squats you do) stat. (These lower body trainers, which you may want to add to your routine, may also be helpful.)

Ready to get started? You can do these targeted, lower body weight exercises anytime, anywhere. You'll leave your muscles feeling so good at burning, keep your metabolism going and keep boredom at bay (and can you really say about these basic squats and lunges?). Related Topics: Learn How To Exercise Your Buttock Muscles Correctly During These Important Exercises

How it works: Perform these lower body weight exercises individually or in cycles for up to four days a week (apply each back exercise Back with little or no pause between up to 3 times in a row) after a cardio session or within your existing lower body workout.

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