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Exercise is not torture; Fitness can be fun

By Tina Haupert

When I grew up it was easy for me to be active. I started ballet lessons at the age of 3, and played soccer at the age of eight. During middle school and high school, I participated in team sports – football, tennis, basketball and athletics. I loved being active, so it was easy to fit into my life. I've never seen it as a way to burn calories or keep my weight. Exercise was just fun!

Fast forward to my days after college. I started working 40 hours a week, which meant I had to sit behind a desk, work long hours in the office and spend too many happy hours with colleagues (hello, beer and nachos!). In just a few months, I've gained 20 pounds.

At first I did not know that I was increasing. But when I had to buy a brand new wardrobe (true story!), I knew something had to change. I started my diet and went to the gym more regularly. In the end, however, this new motivation waned and the weekly hours in the gym felt like torture. There was nothing like playing football after school or going to a hip-hop dance class with my friends every week.

So instead of giving up movement, I had to find ways to integrate it into my life and even try to make it fun. Here's what I've done:

I make it a priority
I'm not pushing any more training. Exercise is one of the key points on my to-do list. I try to do something every day, no matter what. If I have a particularly busy day, I will incorporate fitness into my housework. For example, if you walk with my dog ​​for 45 minutes, or work in the garden for an hour or two, kill two birds with one stone!

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I have a flexible definition of the word "exercise"
A body pumping course or a 5 mile run are some of my favorite exercises, but not all of my workouts are "traditional." The word "exercise" is a casual term for me. It fits in with many activities in my life. Walking in the mountains, cycling, playing a spontaneous tennis game with my husband, going to the grocery store and back or helping friends move into a new house! 19659002] I do not focus on the number on the scale
When it comes to training, I do not allow the scale to determine the training. My goal is not to fit in skinny-size-size jeans, but to keep my weight and to feel good. For me, being in good shape means feeling healthy and being active. In addition, the additional activity allows me to enjoy a dessert without guilt every day!

I remember that exercise is fun
It's not always easy to psyche me for a workout. Like everyone else, I'm not motivated on some days and I do not want to do anything except sitting on the couch and catching up with my DVR. Although I am dedicated to fitness, I still have difficulty with these feelings. But now I have found different ways to motivate myself for training. I remember the simple pleasures I get from fitness. Running on the treadmill may sound boring, but for me it's a time for me, a time when my thoughts can wander. Also weight training with dumbbells may not sound like fun. The anticipation of the great workout playlist I've created for lifting weights, however, makes me hope for my session. It's important that the exercise is fun!

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