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Exclusive Tough Mudder Black Friday discount

Black Friday is an orgy of discounts and bargains and deals, and by orgy we mean that everyone gets involved – it can feel like a thought that you need to profit quickly. Well, this Black Friday deal is different because it's not for everyone – it's only for Coach readers (at least until someone releases the code in a Deals forum).

The offer doubles the 15% general discount Tough Mudder offers 30% on Black Friday, although it only applies to Classic events on a Sunday. Classic events are between eight and ten miles (13-16 km) long and comprise 25 obstacles, ten of which are new or improved. So Tough Mudder veterans do not need to worry about being there and doing that.

See What's Inside Upload our preview of Tough Mudder Barriers in 201

9, and here's an overview of what's happening in the UK and the full price:

  • London West , May 5, £ 85, buy tickets
  • Midlands, May 19, £ 79, buy tickets
  • Scotland, June 16, £ 75, buy tickets
  • Yorkshire, July 28, £ 59, Buy tickets
  • South West, 18th August, £ 59, buy tickets
  • North West, 8th September, £ 59, buy tickets
  • London South, 22nd September, £ 69, buy tickets

Use code FRIDAYMUD to get a 30% discount between the 20th and 26th of November. [19659002] If you then find that you need to make some preparations to tackle 13-16km and overcome 25 obstacles along the way, go to our Tough Mudder training schedule and add a note to your diary at eight Exercise weeks before the event, forget it and enjoy your Christmas.

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