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Exactly what the CrossFit athlete eats

We know that you really want to see how much CrossFit athlete Rich Froning eats in a day. How many calories does it take to get the Strongest Man in the story? "

It turns out that there are many, and if you're in a cutting phase, you'll probably be very jealous of Froning's generous carbohydrate levels, depending on the level of exercise, the athlete takes about 200 to 500 grams of carbs per day to himself.

But there was a time when Froning had barely eaten anything because he would have breakfast and then forget about meals until about 5 pm

"I found out that I had eaten too little," he says, "I have not eaten enough carbohydrates."

To meet his nutritional needs, Froning began occasional fasting and used RP Health, a nutrition training company A personalized plan that shows how much he uses of each macronutrient should be trained twice and thrice a day, as well as active recovery days.

Froning shared his meal plan with Men's Health and all We can say, be ready for a big food-envy.

Rich Froning & # 39; s Meal Plan

It starts the day with a very early breakfast, followed by an early morning snack.

  Extensive Froning Breakfast

Rich Froning

A typical dinner includes a mix of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

  Rich Froning Dinner

Rich Froning

Although Froning maintains a healthy diet, he is not as strict as .

"I have three children, and sometimes it's chicken nuggets [for dinner]," he says.

  Rich Froning Family

Rich Froning

And he admits to another – albeit small – enjoyment: Raisin Bran and Frosted Mini Wheats.

"I eat a bowl of cereal to finish the night," he says. "This is my dessert."

Would you like to follow the plan yourself to live like Froning? We do not strongly recommend but if you're ready to place the work in your local box, you can view the full schedule here:

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